California Department Of Real Estate

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The California Department of Real Estate (DRE) licenses brokers and supposedly provides protection against consumers. We have found specific cases where this is not taking place at the expense of consumers. We have been following the case of Robert L. Fenton, convicted of bribing a court official. Fenton holds a Real Estate License today (07/15/01) in spite of his felony conviction last August (still serving his sentence on parole). Gray Davis proudly display his name and takes credit for the operation of this department.

In spite of California law, Fenton still holds a license (you can check this at the California Department of Real Estate) by entering Fenton's license number, if you know it (i.e. 00616878). If you look carefully, there is a notation indicating some form of comment (H-7901 SF). Apparently the consumer is supposed to know that this document (page 1, page 2) is available somewhere. Well it is. Filed in the back office of the Department of Real Estate. This notation was filed last October requesting a hearing to have Fenton's license revoked. No, it's not automatic, even though the law says he may not hold a license as a convicted felon.

Some say that the DRE is not doing its job. We agree.


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