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An independent Organization exists in the Federal Offices at 300 N. Los Angeles Street in L.A. This organization is tax exempt, but will not reveal its Tax exempt status and public function (required by law).  A copy of Lawrence Edgar's response to Mr. Bryer is attached as Exhibit 1, where Mr. Edgar identifies his organization as tax 'exempt' and therefore required by law to make the financial records public. The IRS also publishes a list of tax exempt organizations that lists the Internal Revenue Service Certified Public Accountants as a tax exempt organization and therefore subject to records review.

A letter has been sent by Marvin Bryer to the IRS alerting them of this scam; the attendant mis-use of government facilities; and the apparent tax fraud occurring under their noses. Since the IRS may be aware of this and a cover-up could be taking place, copies of this alert have been sent to the appropriate congressional offices. The alert is posted below.

Marvin Bryer
4630 New York Ave.
La Crescenta CA 91214


To: The IRS at 300 N. Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles CA 90012
Administration room 5078


An Internal Revenue Service agent named Lawrence Edgar is operating a charity scam inside a federal building. See Exhibit 1 - his letter to me.

Edgar alleges his corporation is a "charity", so I am giving the IRS a donation of $10 to submit to Edgar's corporation. Frankly, I consider his IRS corporation to be a FRAUD.

I have detected that IRS agents are giving continuing legal education seminars with judges and lawyers who launder the money collected into a “court” slush fund. I suspect Edgar may be involved, but I have to prove that.

I have reported the fund, to the IRS to no avail. Obviously there is a cover-up. I will be escalating this to my Senators and House of Representatives and I will ask for a NEW HEARING regarding the internal workings of the IRS. Frankly, the system does not work and persons are selectively incriminated while IRS agents and judges are excluded from law enforcement.

The "charity" I am reporting calls itself the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE – CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS. See the attached letter sent to me by Lawrence Edgar.

Bryer 12-21-1998 letter to the IRS: Page 2 of 2.

As you can see, Edgar is operating out of the Federal Building at 300 N. Los Angeles Street where my letter is being submitted. Mr. Edgar falsely believes he can deny providing me with his corporation's 1023 form. That is a violation of the TAX CODE. Please note that Mr. Edgar can be sued and this will reflect on the IRS.

His corporation was ruled on by the IRS in 1978. Its EIN is 95-3276035. It alleges to be an EDUCATIONAL organization. Its donations are deductible. However, it is virtually impossible to give to this "worthy" charity because EDGAR and his corporation will not disclose their actual address within the Federal Building. (see Info sheet)

Also, there is probable cause of mail fraud and misappropriation of federal property. The letter to me was mailed from El Segundo but was addressed from your address. My tax dollars paid for the building which is also my property as a taxpayer. I will not agree to fund Edgar's corporation scheme.

Marvin Bryer

cc: Senator Diane Feinstein
331 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

Senator Barbara Boxer
112 Hart Senate Building
Washington DC 20510

Honorable James Rogan
502 Cannon
Washington DC 20510

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