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Legal Associations

A variety of Bar Associations and groups of Law Professionals exist in every State. These organizations are established for the mutual protection of Judges, Lawyers, Attorneys, Social Workers and Psychologists. Most are closely allied with State and local government. These organizations lobby for laws that protect the legal professional from prosecution and the public.

None of these organizations promote the quality of legal service that their members provide to the public. Their are no quality measurement systems in place and no records maintained concerning the quality of legal services. Purporting to discipline their own members, many advertise that they will deal with 'unlawful' and 'unethical' performance by their members. However, none of these organizations address the quality of service provided by their members. Very little information is kept concerning 'disciplinary' actions and this information is not for public access.

Your complaint about unsatisfactory dealing with a lawyer or other 'legal' professional most certainly will not ever be known by other potential clients of the legal professional. The information you provide to the 'Association' that protects their own members is never made public. Therefore, potential clients are 'protected' from learning that other client's have had unsatisfactory dealings with the lawyer being considered.

Until these Associations begin making quality information available to the public, there will be no improvement in the quality of the services that you receive from legal professionals. The discipline aspects of these associations is maintained solely for political control.

Corrupt Legal Organizations

Association of L.A. City Attorneys - illegally funding the re-election campaign of Jimmy Hahn for City Attorney in 1997. This is a case of violation of State election reform laws (Prop 208), violation of city ordinances, violation of federal IRS regulations, bribery to allow a $300,000 corporation to use City facilities without payment, and money laundering. In a nutshell, the Association of LA City Attorneys has fraudulently contributed to Jimmy Hahn's election campaign and hidden the contributions from the IRS. The corruption extends to the watchdog agencies created to oversee this type of fraud. Note that violations of City Ordinances are evident and since the City Attorney (Jimmy Hahn) is the primary enforcement agency, this case should be turned over to an outside party for investigation. We are pursuing this vigorously!

Amador County Bar Association - This organization publicly declared that it was a charitable organization whilst trying to defend itself against the use of its 'good name'. It was clearly shown that the Amador County Bar Association paid no taxes, but is clearly not a charity.

Top of the Corruption pile

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