Nolan vs. Nolan


Custody of Wade Nolan was recently returned to his mother.

Following the death of Trevor Nolan (see below), the custody battle continued concerning Wade Nolan. At one hearing on 11/30/99, the visiting Judge, Harold Bradford, recused himself from the case citing 'threats' from Internet sources. Judge Bradford apparently has been following his own exploits as explained on the Net with some interest. His own recusal is at the bottom of Page 6 of the Transcript.  Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6.

Perhaps your participation in Internet discussions and contributions can bring about some reform of a legal system that is totally out of control.


Custody of Trevor and Wade Nolan was in question in the case of Dale Nolan vs. Edward Nolan. In March of 1997, Dale Nolan was accused of the theft of equipment from Edward Nolan's truck and also the theft of some gold coins from a friend of the Nolan's. On March 20,1997, Dale was arrested for the theft and jailed (MCSO reports 97-109, 97-110) on the basis of statements by Edward Nolan.

The children, being now alone were taken by CPS into temporary custody. Although Dale made bail and returned home, CPS  continued to hold on to Trevor. A psychologist, Cynthia Stout, suggested that Dale Nolan might have a mental illness called Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy. The Court backed CPS up by officially placing Trevor with a foster family because of the alleged instability of the family (mother arrested and possibly mentally ill with MSBP, father had a breakdown and Trevor became severely ill in his care).

It soon became apparent that the foster family was also unable to care for Trevor and he went (too late) into the hospital where he died on April 12, 1997.

The following pages detail the ways that police, CPS, the courts, and psychologists were bent on influencing this case for their own benefit which cost the life of a little boy. The case has been settled, but it illustrates that legal procedures, corrupted by undue influence, are taking the place of justice in family law.

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