Adams Apple (MP3) - by Wayne Shorter. A short riff with a Funky beat done by the Trio

Alone (MP3) - A Johnny Pumphandle Jazz standard  done by the Trio on a Fender Rhodes. 

A La Francaise (MP3) - A wonderful Jazz piece by Claude Bolling played by the Trio 

All The Things You Are (MP3) - Doug Mckenzie shows off his talents on the YannLeo piano

Camping By The Sea (MP3) - Not a jazz piece, but showcases the Yamaha CS01 emulation by Pethu Music.

I Remember Clifford (MP3) - Solo piano by Doug McKenzie played on the Balthor Grand

Cry Me A River (MP3) - Johnny picks up the sax to play with the Trio

Cheese Whiz (MP3) - A Johnny Pumphandle Original based on some changes by Dexter Gordon

Close Your Eyes (MP3) - A tasteful piano trio played in by Doug McKenzie
Close Your Eyes - Remix (MP3) - Doug switches to a tasteful Synth keyboard  and another backing.

Cool And Easy (MP3) - Jazz ballad explains how to deal with it.

Cold Soup (MP3) - Roland U-20 Piano takes the Lead for a Funky Riff, heavily chorded.

Crabby Andy (MP3) - Not much improvised, but has a great funky groove.

Dizzy's 67th Birthday Party (MP3) - Recorded live aboard the SS Norway on 10/23/84

Dot's Groovy (MP3) - an old 32 bar tune by Jack Montrose. This version uses the VH-1 Organ.

Down & Out at the Jaybar Ranch (mp3) - Recorded at the Jay Bar Ranch some country swing.

Drum Tracks (MP3) - a medley of 5 different Plugin synths to demo the sounds of each.

Escape From Mania (MP3) - Less Jazzy but the drummer takes a free hand

Finding Key West (MP3) - Brink/Monz/Johnny get together on Friday night and cook up some changes

For Tonight - Another Pumphandle tune featuring the Trio 

Funky Bach (MP3) - Johann sits in with the Johnny Pumphandle Trio.

Ghana(MP3) - An old jazz number by Ernie Wilkins for two horns

Going Slow (MP3) - The jazz generator goes to work and builds a nice trio piece

Groove For Gonzalez - A Mark Elf tune played by the Johnny Pumphandle group (MP3)

Heart Breaker (Remix MP3) - Originally a country tune, played here using DSK Zeth

Hi There Mama - Johnny jazzes up the cha-cha

Hoodoo - A swinging jazz number by Will Patton - originally for the mandolin

I Believe In Heaven (MP3) - Straight ahead jazz trio (new drummer)

It's All Wrong (MP3) - Straight from the Merry-Go-Round in the Park.

It Was A Day Went Wrong - A Jazz arrangement of Johnny's folk song

La Cranita (MP3) - Johnny's latin tune, original with no sound card - Remixed in Mulab8

'Laxin (MP3) - Relaxin' wit the stringy-thingy and the harpso-keyboard

Lazy Lizard Blues (MP3) - A remix of a great tune by Pino Primerano 

Like It Used To Be - Johnny and the Trio lay down an old Pumphandle tune

Minor Spree - A tune by Ron McClure with 2 horns and the JP Trio

Mystical Stew (MP3) - Johnny Pumphandle's 12 bar tune - re-released

No Cal (MP3) - Composed as a tribute to and arranged in the style of Cal Tjader, a Latin Jazz genius. 

Opus De Funk (MP3) - A Horace Silver tune used in the Tutorial. 2nd half of each chorus uses UpStereo.

Peanut Brittle (MP3) - Drafted strictly to test out some synths. Not much here.

Raving Away (MP3) - Sometimes a riff takes over. Synth1 & Reaper do the rest.

Ray's Idea (MP3) - A Ray Brown tune by the Quartet - Johnny on the vibes

Reenie Ska (MP3) - Electric Reggae styled using Synth1

A River Never Ends - Johnny Pumphandle - some latin swing

Sam's Song (MP3) - Electronic studio spits out 4x4 in a minor key

Say Goodbye, I'm Movin' On - Johnny Pumphandle trio + guitar

Short Snort (MP3) - Beating up the piano with both hands

Stompin' (MP3) - An old Goodman favorite - 9 pieces with a big sax section. 

Summer Madness (MP3) - Latin Jazz by Emanuele Angelino

Sunnywood (MP3) - An easy listening piece that features the tickled Ticky Clav

Take Me To The Bar (MP3) - The Am scale played on the Rumpelrausch Organ

The Crease - Strictly rock. Johnny solos on the guitar (MP3)

The Scene Is Clean - An oldie by Tadd Dameron

Then Will You Know (MP3) - Johnny plays some smooth jazz on the Fender Rhodes

This Is The Third Time Now - The trio plays with Johnny Guitar at 3/4 time.

Three-quarter Blue - A jazz waltz by Johnny Pumphandle

Tiny Thing - The Trio gets together on a Sunday. Then it was recorded here (MP3).

Travertine March (MP3) - Got started that way, but you won't be able to march to this ditty.

Trash Talk (MP3) - Just 16 bars of minor chords, The drummer takes over - Fender Rhodes & acoustic Bass.

Trippin' - A Johnny Pumphandle jazz favorite

Watermelon Man (MP3) - an old Herbie Hancock tune redone here featuring the DVS sax

Welcome Cowboy (MP3) - A little country jazz for 3 guitars by Johnny

Wes Coaster - We turn Wes loose to play anything that comes to mind


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