Pop, Rock and other


20 Men (MP3) - A short Pop Theme with our expert drummer.

3D Funk (MP3) - Created from a fractal series from Roger Bagula

The Ballad of Fergus (MP3) - An original Celtic tune about the neo-Celtic King Fergus

Ben's Lament (MP3) - An easy listening soft jazz piece using Yellow Tools Instruments

Blue Fin (MP3) - A latin piece. Just rappin' on those plastic bottles  to make all the percussion sounds.

Bubble Up (MP3) - a short techno piece entirely constructed of samples made in FL Studio. 

Burgundy Bright (MP3) - The piano leads into a riff-theme at 100BPM.

Chill Out (MP3) - Based on some loops provided by Lukas Sega.

Chronos (MP3) - Strictly an instrumental  pop tune with a feel good beat. - A short Pop Theme with our expert drummer on hand.

Clopping Out (MP3) - More or less a Bluegrass tune to demo the use of Pling4 guitar plugin. 

Coming Up For Air (Mp3) - Just a laid back instrumental - heavily chorded.

Cool & Easy (MP3) - A pop song done in LMMS, "Put your feet up 'cause it's easy to be cool".

Crabby Andy (MP3) - Just a quick funky piece with some great guitar chords.

Dirty Rock  (MP3) - just a mess of power chords from the Multisampla synth in MuLab

Downsiding (MP3) - a remix of one of Johnny's dance tunes.

Fado Matigue - Juno 60 (MP3) - A remix using the TAL-U-NO-60 VSTi synth - a quality synth, but uses high CPU.

Fado Matigue (MP3) - A Portuguese Fado using only the Ganymed Synth

Fado Matigue Remix (MP3) - A remix of the famous Portuguese Fado

Fado Matigue Remix #2 (MP3) - This is strictly a demo of the Studio Devil British Valve Custom overdrive Plugin

Fado Guitar (MP3) - Another remix. This time Solo Guitar to demo the efm-stompshop - Amp/chorus/Delay

Fado One - Based on some Portuguese chord changes, a Fado with a beat

Feelin' Alright (MP3) - Ramsey Lewis sits in on a Dave Mason tune featuring the Rumpelrausch Organ

Five Men Deep (MP3) - A latin rock number that uses the nifty sounds of the Harmonaut. 

Flash Drive (MP3) - A dance number with several guitar solos.

Flight Of The Octopus (MP3) - Kind of a dark, spacey romp that features the Cantus synth and am irregular beat.

Gonna Gitcha .. Now (MP3) - Sort of jazzy Lawrence Welk style with guitar up front.

Halloween 2007 (MP3) - Creepy seasonal music with some unexpected guests. It's a scream.

It's Prime (MP3) - A tune composed using 17 Equal tempered tuning - a prime number.

Jingle Bell Rock (MP3) - Just a foot tapper for Xmas 2009

Johnny's Mix (MP3) - A quickie turned out using Techno Ejay 4. Features the text-to-vocal samples.
Johnny's Easy Mix (MP3) - Some smooth dance music
Johnny'sMix (LMMS-MP3) - A mix using LMMS 0.4.3
Johnny'sMix (Erectified - MP3) - Same as above but using the Erectifier effect from Rusty Trombone
Johnny's Demo Mix (MP3) - The final Mix. Using many different features.
Robot Music (MP3) - Robots take over.

Limelite Solo (MP3) - Strictly an example. Limelite Solo generated the first two bars. Shuriken-Kirrstinn did the rest.

Manic Demo (MP3) - Another random song/rhythm generator from De La Mancha.

Mold Hill Trot (MP3) - Pretty crazy rhythm - maybe a new genre called the Trot - also cave vocals.

Navy Blue And Gold (MP3) - Naval Academy Alma Mater (USNA Band version)

Nothing More (MP3) - just a simple piece with a couple of Rock Guitars and some jungle drums.

Now's The Time (MP3) - Now's the time to be alive, listen to the news at five ...(lyrics

Number Cloud (MP3) - Listen to a Number Station recording with a beat.

On With It (MP3) - Johnny's heavy metal band caught in a warmup session.

One Thing More (MP3) - 16 bar riff with a vocal.

PB Frantic (MP3) - We check out the Genesis synth to get some Real Dance Music, if like dubby!

Piano Trio (MP3) - An instrumental with lots of block chords with Bass and drums

Rinse Off (MP3) - A dance number. One of the first musical pieces generated with FL Studio.

Sammy Smiles (MP3) - A very laid back electro piece

Silent Rights (MP3) - Mostly Drum & Bass using the drummer from Digidrum Pro, hip hop beat.

Storm Comin' On (MP3) - A simple riff melody against an Organish soundbackground with synthesized  drum statement.

Striking Out (MP3) - A laid back piano piece with Strings to utilize the Krakli Stringz2 VST module - light fare

The Crease (MP3) - A remix of a Johnny Pumphandle tune. A couple of Les Paul guitars are involved.

The Entertainer (MP3) - An old Aeolian piano roll by Oakes & Williams scanned and converted straight to MP3

The Opener (MP3)- One of Johnny's laid back riffs to show off the CMZebra synth

The Shiny Lizard (MP3) - Composed using MuLab 3.0 (beta) during testing. Uses only internal synths and effects.

The Softy (MP3) - Just a light piece with heavy piano chords and the String Synth takes the lead

The Swim Zone (MP3) - Tight little number using TR-808 drum track and Cryologic synth sounds.

Tiny Thing (MP3) - A simple 4 track composition using only a single instance of the ZynAddSubFx synth

Tree Ring #2 (MP3) - Electronica - let the Synth1 do the talking.

Viking March (MP3) - A steady beat from the North Country.

When When (MP3) - Slightly tuned with Pythagorean chords using the Rhino

White Christmas (MP3) - A christmas song by the Beatles (arrangement by Christian Budde)

Within Bounds (MP3) - Trance styled piano backing with some nice chord changes.

Yesterday (MP3) - Cover of the John Lennon tune using a Mellotron background

Zonked (MP3) - Great little pop number with a funky bass line.

Apollo 15 Mission - Launch (MP3) - Narration as it happened - 15 min.

Apollo 15 Mission - Moon Landing (MP3) - Narration - 21 min.

Apollo 15 Mission - Initial Moon Exploration (MP3) - Narration - 20 min.

Apollo 15 Mission - Lunar Rover Exploration (MP3) - Narration - 20 min.

Apollo 15 Mission - Moon Liftoff and Earth Splashdown (MP3) - Narration - 10 min.

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