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CM130 - Orchestral

24Bit CMplay Symphonic Samples

CMplay Symphonic – 2012 24-bit samples
Created exclusively for Computer Music by The Electronic Garden, this comprehensive orchestral soundpack for the Studio’s CMplay ROMpler features ready-to-use string, brass, woodwind and percussion patches, including cellos, flutes, French and English horns, oboes, piccolos, trumpets, violins, and even a xylophone. If you fancy having a go at putting together an orchestral production or soundtrack, or just want to inject some class into your current projects, CMplay Symphonic’s got everything you need. You can use the source WAV files with your own sampler or audio sequencer, but the most convenient way is to use the CMplay instrument – see the PDF file in the CMplay folder for full installation instructions.

To make them easier to consult, these folder listings have been rearranged compared to the organisation on the DVD.




Tuned Percussion


24bit Cognition Audioworks Techno Samples

Cognition Audioworks 24-bit Techno Samples
Some of the techno files supplied with cm126 were mistakenly provided as 32- rather than 24-bit WAV files. This caused some users compatibility issues, so to make amends, here are the samples again, in the correct format. Enjoy!





24bit_technokit 144A

DMS Computer Music Intro Pack Computer Music Intro Pack
You’ll need these dance music sounds and MIDI files for this month’s Dancemidisamples competition – see p18 for details of how you can win a day in the studio with K-Complex, or one of three Dancemidisamples MIDI packs.

Heavyocity Micro Evolve

Heavyocity Micro Evolve
This exclusive 550MB CMplay soundpack from sample wizards Heavyocity will astound you with its heavy-duty drum kits, auto-synced loops and massive tonal patches. Check out this month’s competition on p111 to find out how you can use this collection of sounds to win one of four copies of the full Evolve.


Loop Suites

Percussive Kits

Stings and Trans

Tonal and FX

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