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CM65b - CM Sound Tools Volume 1

Cyclick Samples

These samples were created by -
C Y C L I C K     S A M P L E S
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(multisamples & lines with drum loops & hits)

Having set up a newly acquired 12-string acoustic guitar for a recording session we thought it was the ideal instrument from which to make a comprehensive sample batch. The samples break into multisamples and tempoed lines/loops. The Multisamples folder contains two full note-by-note multisamples of the guitar (finger plucked and plectrum plucked), a folder of various harmonics, a folder of useful chords (a single chord strum per file), and a folder of the drum hits used to make the accompanying beats.

There are also 8 tempo groups (75, 85, 95, 110, 120, 140, 155 and 170 BPM) within which you will find 16 guitar lines/loops (four lines in four keys - E, A, D and G) and the 3 drum loops to which the guitar was recorded.

The guitar was recorded with two wide diaphragm condenser microphones (one just behind the bridge and the other over the twelfth fret) and a dynamic microphone right up close to the sound hole. These were mixed together with a little EQ and compression to keep the sustain up, lose some of the boxiness created by close miking the instrument and to lift the high frequencies. The guitar lines and loops were recorded through a variety of effects, from simple reverbs to modulation and delay effects - we just set up whatever suited the beat loops we had made for recording the guitar along to.

We hope you find this comprehensive sample set of use. If you can't find a straight use for it try and throw the sounds through some mutant effects processes or program the multisamples into a sampler, layer the sounds up and get tweaking - the twelve string acoustic guitar has a rich sound and can produce some amazing sounds when treated in this way.

Cyclick Samples 2003.










The Electronic Garden

This month we bring you a veritable cornucopia of samples of every sort. First off, after the recent success of our ethnic samples, we felt inclined to add another batch of killer stringed instruments to your arsenal. This time around we have provided an Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer and a good old fashioned mandolin. Each has been meticulously multisampled, and you will find individual picked notes as well as strummed chords. Very evocative stuff!

While the mics were out, and the preamps still warmed up, we tracked our drum kit, drenched Bonham style in the natural room ambience of our main recording room. Big and punchy!

A good drumkit deserves a good bass, so we include a finger-picked electric bass...lots of samples up and down the fretboard, so it'll be a snap for you to create a convincing rhythm section.

Finally, because we are, after all, called "The Electronic Garden", we have a brand spankin' new set of electronic timbres for your enjoyment. Some lush pads, fat basses and more, courtesy of our massive arsenal of synthesizers. This time, you'll be hearing from our new VariOS as well as our beloved Nord Modular, in addition to some venerable softsynth classics! Enjoy the samples, and let us hear what you come up with!

Scot Solida
The Electronic Garden, August 2003

Acoustic Stuff

Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer

Jazz Room loops



Electric Bass

Electronic Stuff

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