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CM66b - CM Sound Tools Volume 2

Cyclick Seduction

These samples were created by:

email: Cyclick by clicking here

C Y C L I C K     S A M P L E S


Kit Tempo Keys
A 140 bpm C, D, G, A
B   95 bpm C, D, G, A
C 120 bpm C, D, G, A
D 130 bpm C, D, G, A

Multisample notes: C, E and G# (except on SlapBass multisample, which is all notes)

Four top-class R 'n' B flavoured construction kits, including sultry drum breaks, sexy bass strokes and seductive keyboard caresses. It's the perfect complement to "those" samples.

As with most of the drum and percussion samples in these kits a swing quantise was applied (in Cubase it was all around 50%). As is the way with the RnB type styles the drums have very short release times and no reverb - dry and tight like a........ As with all the other kits the drums come in loops and their original hits. The bass is a softsynth patch with a whole load of tweakage - part of the hard transient of each note is created by overdriving a software limiter.

This kit was made entirely from softsynth tweakery - i.e. the organ and the lead synth. The percussion is made of samples made with a Roland S-100 modular analogue synth, which are included in the 'Hits' folder for percussion.

The drums here are at a much slower tempo (it's at 95bpm, THE hip-hop tempo) and so have a little more decay to them, but that is still slightly truncated to fit in with the vibe of these kits. The bass is another softsynth with some warming distortion created by overloading more software plugins (I think it was a multiband compression plugin). The guitar is 'real' - i.e. we used a Parker Fly guitar through a Fender Twin amp with a standard Dunlop CryBaby wah-wah pedal.

We have included percussive wah-wah chops ('Wucka') as well as the key varied guitar lines. The horn lines were made with the CM horn patches for DS404 from a number of issues past - just sequenced them up (trombone and two trumpets) and put through a convolution reverb. The percussion loops are made from real percussion samples, which are included in the hits folder of Kit C. We added a little phasing to give them some extra flavour.

Electro drums with a little delay and old-skool bass set the backing for this kit. We have included some acoustic guitar (a Takemine miked up and put through a little reverb) lines to play counter to the obviously layered string patches. The electro drums are countered by the relatively 'real' percussion loops (i.e. sampled real sounds sequenced).

The drums samples are pitched up real drum samples with a lot of the decay rolled off to get them extra tight sounding. We have made two basses for this kit - the synth based 'Fizzbass' and the real-life Slapbass (a DI'ed Musicman Stingray with a little Mutron III envelope filter mixed), so there's plenty to get those beats to work on.

The Slapbass multisamples feature both the thumb strike and the finger pop of the strings. The pops start higher and finish higher than the thumb samples as it's rare to thumb up high of pop down low. The clavinet was recorded with some Mutron mixed in too to keep up with the bass. The lead synth (aptly called 'Quackers') is a monosynth patch tweaked up to cut through any mix.


01 Kit A

02 Kit B

03 Kit C

04 Kit D

The Garden of Love

Ooooooh, those naughty fellers at CM have come up with a really interesting mission for your dear old Electronic Gardeners this month. "Boys" they said "Can ya give us some samples on a schmoove and sexy tip?

Well, never ones to pass up a challenge, we enlisted the aid of a friend who agreed to step into the vocal booth and deliver the goods - the sort of steamy dialogue samples that would add some silk to any seductive, funky number, or floor-burning thumper.

We want to thank our vocalist for not only her smouldering vocal samples, but her unabashed creativity. She came up with some real doozies, some of which we didn't dare publish! We want to assure you, dear readers, that this was all in good fun, and not meant to offend anyone in the slightest!

In addition to "those" samples...we also present a batch of bass loops in various styles and tempos, all ACIDized and ready to drop into your sequencer or sampler. They are all in the key of A, and feature variations transposed in perfect fifths and sevenths (that'd be "E" then).
Have fun, but don't let the vice squad catch you doing so!

Scot Solida
The Electronic Garden

01 XXX Vocal Samples

02 BassLoops

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