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CM100 - CM Specialists - Signature Sounds

16bit CM Classics

These CM Classics hark back to the early 50s (in terms of CM issue numbers, that is) and comprise 440 loops, ranging from 70 to 170 bpm.

Each folder contains a collection of bass and drum loops, as well as a handful of special effects and tempo-driven reverb/delay sources.

Tempo Driven Loops


80 bpm


90 bpm



120 bpm



170 bpm

DrumLoops 120-124

Andrew Duke Specialist Samples

Andrew said "I've done up some percussion, pads, ambiences and sound FX loops (and there area few hits in there too). The percussion was created with NI's Battery and Ableton Live (using the impulse Instrument); many atypical hits were used, tweaked then morphed some more to make the results somewhat alien."

"The pads and ambiences were started using source material made with Absynth and Reaktor, as well as Audiomulch. These sounds were then programmed into melodies using Live's Simpler instrument and processed with Live's effects. The sound FX were created mostly from field recordings and twisted in Reaktor."

"Of course, all of the above were abused even more using plug-ins in Adobe Audition and Sony Sound Forge, with convolution, Doppler shift and radical pitching being favourite processes, along with a slew of VSTs."

Andrew Duke




Cyclick Specialist Samples

Robbie Stamp from Cyclick said "Our collection comprises five loop kits (Beats, bass, guitar, keyboards, synths, etc) at a variety of tempos (85, 95, 100, 105 and 120 bpm). They all fall into the 'chunky beat' hip-hop camp, although they aren't strictly hip-hop."

"The first three kits were made with the aid of a Roland System 100m modular synth, which not only provided bass and synth sounds, but was also used as a processor for the other instruments and beats. A lot of patching and tweaking on the Roland provided some great loop variations."

"Kits 04 and 05 were even more simply created; both extensively feature an old Studiomaster Diamond 8-2 mixer (built like a tank, sounds dreadful). As well as providing desk feedback sounds, many of the beat, bass, and keyboard/synth variations were sent to the mixer, overdriven, fed back on themselves and generally abused. Despite the paucity of signal paths provided by this mixer, it can provide some ripping distortion and chunky filtering for beats."

"We hope you find a good home for these samples and would encourage you to abuse any cheap bit of gear you can find - it might generate just the tone you're looking for."

Robbie Stamp
Cyclick Samples -

Kit01 95bpm

Kit02 105bpm

Kit03 100bpm

Kit04 120bpm

Kit05 85bpm

Groove Criminals Specialist Samples

Oli commented "When asked to do a signature set of samples we really had to go for beats, as we're total loop-heads. All these drum loops were made in Cubase using Guru, RMIV, Battery 2 and pHATmatik Pro (sometimes all together). All the sounds were taken from the huge GC drum archive and layered and processed to our liking. We also blew the dust off an old Roland Octapad and bashed some grooves in via MIDI."

"The 'RhythmBackers' are a set of atmospheres for slapping behind your loops to make extra interest. They were also made in Cubase before being forced through a bank of FX. The drum hits were taken from our favourite hits store and layered up for extra fatness."

"Finally, with all these drums and loops, we thought we'd better give you some bass, so we've included 10 single-octave bass multisamples, taken from our much loved Roland Juno 60. No FX or processing were used, just good old-fashioned analogue sounds.

Oli Bell
Groove Criminal HQ - email:





Michael Weeks Specialist Samples

Michael said "This is actually our first time providing sample content for CM and it was great to be told to do 'Whatever's clever'. So here we have it: 200 samples broken into a couple of easy-to-use categories. Everything in this sample pack is distressed, dramatically effected, sparse where sparse was needed, and gritty, with tons of attitude - appropriate for whatever genre you find yourself falling into, "

"We've used tons of objects, struck, bowed, dropped, smacked and decayed to taste. There was some dust of the hard drive, which adds to the vibe . . ".

Michael Weeks-
endmusik studios

Drum Loops

Misc Loops

One Shot - Drone

One Shot - Drum

Rachmiel Specialist Samples

rachMiel stated "it was a huge thrill for me to create these 200 samples, particularly since the only directive that I was given was "do whatever you want". Since I'm drawn to the fringe of the fringe in music, most of the sounds in this collection are rather unconventional. My goal was to provide samples that could not easily be found elsewhere."

"These include sci-fi pads, horror movie FX, 12-tone melodies, asymmetric basslines, free groove drum licks, sacred time erhu passages, abstract vocal sequences and more. These samples paint a picture of my inner sound world. And as far as I'm concerned, that's the job of any artist, to reveal his unique personal vision. Enjoy!

rachMiel -

Scot Solida Specialist Samples

Scot pointed out "Being given a free rein to cook up a collection of sounds of our choosing gave us the perfect opportunity to show off some of our new gear. We've added some sweet machines in the last few months, not the least of which is a mint EMS VCS-3, with a DK2 keyboard controller. The little beauty was a hallmark of British psychedelia and prog - two of our favourite scenes."

"In addition, we've picked up a vintage PPG Wave 2.2. That big blue beast was a significant force in the 80s, fuelling records by Peter Gabriel, Gary Numan and Depeche Mode. Now you can add its distinctive 8-bit gritty your tracks. Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't throw in some multis and loops from our big modular system. And on top of all that, we even had a tweak of our old grey Roland H101."

"Needless to say, we mapped out the multisamples in multiple sampler formats, including DS-404, Kontakt, HALion, NN-XT and SFZ. If you use any of the latter 4, you'll need to copy the TEGPsycheSelection folder onto your hard disk so that the samplers can find the sample files. To use the SFZ format, copy the SFZ files into the associated multisample folders."

Scot Solida
The Electronic Garden -

Solid Loops


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