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CM99 - Ultimate Drums Kit

16bit CM Classics

This collection of CM samples comes from issues 50-53 and comprises a hugely diverse array of sonic tools.

The guitar section includes a range of sounds played using an Ebow. As well as that, you'll find a variety of synth multisamples, loops and basses, collections from Tightdigital and Cursor Minor, a fistful of synth arpeggiations, synthesized basslines, pads and textures,

Finally, there are some 'bread and butter' patches for the DS-404 sampler, including pianos, brass and strings.

16bit Drum Hits



Bread and Butter DS-404

CM Samplesmiths


Cursor Minor Samples

Ebow Guitar


Misc Beats


Ohm Force Loops

Pads and Textures

Readers Wav's


Synth Loops

Synth Multis

Tightdigital Synths

24Bit Ultimate Drum Toolkit

Andrew Duke present 25 drum kits across a range of synthesized styles. Everything is organised as ready-to-go kits designed to be thrown into your drum sampler.

Just over 400 samples.

Andrew Duke Drum Kits

Cyclick Samples Drum Kits

A huge array of 1032 single hits, adding up to 51 drum kits, covering 7 genres.

Each kit features a plethora of hit 'types' on each element, including snare hits recorded as rim shots, side hits, brushed and snares-off. The hi-hats have been recorded open, closed and half open, and each kit features splash, crash and ride cymbals.

The letters 'gho' in some sample names indicate that they're ghost strokes. There are also a number of percussion samples accompanying each kit, as indicated by the 'perc' moniker, and a collection of effects hits, labelled 'fx'.

Acoustic Kits

Dub Kits

Electro Kits

Hip Hop Kits

LoFi Kits

Spacious Kits

Tight Kits

Groove Criminals Drum kIts

The Groove Criminals' section of the CM Ultimate Drum Toolkit includes both acoustic and electronic drums in a variety of styles, from 80s beatboxes to hip-hop kits, funky acoustic drums, percussion kits and more. Each of the 23 Kits offers a selection of kicks, snares and hats, and many of them feature bongos, congas and other percussion.

Over 840 samples in all.

The Electronic Garden Drum Collection

TEG have compiled a huge selection of 807 drum samples ready to be dropped into your drum machine or sampler. The Gardeners called upon the talents of Wayne Cunningham and his prized collection of snares and toms, and the drums were recorded using a variety of mics.

These have been augmented with a range of sounds created using TEG's famous monster modular synth and the Blacet Klangwerks modulator, as well as the ARP Odyssey. They've also thrown in some samples of a Korg Minipops and a folder full of beatbox hits.

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