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CM112 - Cinematic Soundscapes

Get a taste of mankindís bleak future with our moody, atmospheric Cinematic Soundscape collectionÖaka Futuristic Blues.

Andrew Duke

604 24-bit samples
Once again, Duke Skywalker has delivered a truly blockbusting selection of sci-fi inspired atmospheres and dark instrument sounds. Bask in the lunar glow of warm digital synth tones, creepy abstract FX and atmospheric sounds ripe for processing. Remember: if itís not Duke, itís little people.

atmospherics raw


chords as MIDI

dirty future FX

free pitch 1

free pitch 2



Groove Criminals

346 24-bit samples
The Groove Criminals have escaped their high-tech off-world prison and are running riot right here on Earth, armed with a deadly selection of chords, loops and multisamples. Perfectly capturing an 80s vision of the future, they may well cause you to question your own humanity, or at least take up origami.





754 24-bit samples
Finally, Cyclick have strung us along this month with a set of string machine, electric piano, guitar and chunky analogue synth samples.

Pre-processed for maximum impact, these sounds will whisk you away to a dystopian future thatís even more unpleasant than the present (frightening, we know). Warning: just listening to the beautiful synth pads could well cause you to weep uncontrollably, so keep the Kleenex even handier than usual.





Cyclick Samples

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