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CM113 - Introspective Emo

16Bit DMO Vocals

Five DMO mini-acappellas
Dance diva DMO has taken time out from working with some of the biggest knob-twiddlers in the business – such as hardcore maestro Scott Brown – to record these exclusive acappella vocal tracks. Check out Q&A Focus on p113 for a guide to chopping up these very vocals in a Todd Edwards stylee.

24Bit Emo Samples

Andrew Duke

500 24-bit emo samples
Taking time out from tending to his newborn daughter (who he no doubt plans to take to see a marching band at the first opportunity), Andrew Duke nearly puked with emotion as he and his axe-wielding chums constructed this enormous selection of guitar and bass licks. For more information on these samples, check out the Info folder in the Andrew file.












600 24-bit emo samples
This month Cyclick experienced a deeply upsetting personal tragedy involving the accidental purchase of a four-litre bottle of milk despite plentiful existing supplies in their studio fridge. Falling into a deep despair, the boys recorded 600 fist-clenching, tear-fighting emo samples that include inverted power chords, lead, rhythm and bass guitar parts, plus drum loops and hits. Milk it!

Cyclick Samples

Inverted power chords

Kit01 86bpm

Kit02 105bpm

Kit03 99bpm

Kit04 155bpm

Kit05 112bpm

Power chords

Groove Criminals

400 24-bit samples
The Groove Criminals have once again been banged up, but this time they’re trapped in a prison of their own emotions. Thankfully, someone was thoughtful enough to set up a microphone in the immediate vicinity, and as such we’re able to bring you these navel-gazing guitar and bass samples. Make sure you check out the hard rockin’ live drum loops too, which will work in all kinds of genres.




24Bit Specialist Samples

675 24-bit Specialist samples
Richard James and rachMiel are no strangers to the weirder side of music, and between them they’ve delivered hundreds of crazy new noises to enliven your productions. Eerie atmospherics, nasty noises, and wild sci-fi effects all await you in this bumper sample compendium.


Richard James

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