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CM118 - Grime

24Bit Grime Samples

2032 24-Bit CM Grime Collection samples
It’s time for grime! Delve into our exclusive collection of urban samples and give your productions the underground sound of now

On p42 of cm118 you’ll find the CM Guide to Grime, the tough sound of the UK’s urban underground. To help you get down to making your own grime tracks right away, the cm sample producers have created a superb collection of more than 2000 street-tuff sounds, including construction kits, dirty basslines, rugged beats, all manner of instruments and crazy effects, plus, some superb multisampled patches that are guaranteed to keep your grimey tunes rocking.

Cognition Audioworks

Cognition Audioworks
Cognition Audioworks’ Andrew Duke risked serious cone damage this month to bring you a selection of the roughest woofer-wobbling basslines around. Not content with these speaker shaking monstrosities, the Duke has also delivered grubby beats, atmospheric effects, chilled guitars, nasty synths and even some human beatbox action.








Groove Criminals

Groove Criminals
No strangers to illicit activities, the Groove Criminals have gone and surpassed themselves this month with a selection of speaker-shredding samples that could quite possibly violate the terms of their parole due to excessive rudeness. Filthy bass multi-samples, MC chatter, stomping beats and even a full-on Battery kit are all here for your grime-producing pleasure.


It’s a little known fact that engineer to the stars Hattrixx is literally grimey – we heard that he hasn’t had a shower in weeks! Thankfully, though, his tub-free time has been well spent crafting this beautiful selection of single-hit percussion sounds and slick instrument multisamples. If your productions are sounding a bit too clean then this little lot is sure to give them a liberal dose of much-needed dirt, whether you’re working in the grime arena or any other genre.

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