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CM117 - Cinematic Blockbusters

24Bit Blockbuster Samples

Commissioned to accompany our Make a Movie Soundtrack cover feature, the 24-bit CM Blockbuster Collection comprises a vast repository of samples with which to enhance or create epic film scores, spice up your home movies, or just add some cinematic stylings to your latest tune. Featuring over 2000 top-notch sounds from some of the best sample producers around, this is one of the classiest, most versatile sample libraries ever to grace the Computer Music coverdisc!

Andrew Duke

Cognition Audioworks
Despite having a limited appreciation of cinema (his favourite film is SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2, apparently…), Cognition Audioworks’ Andrew Duke has created a vast collection of soundtrack samples, aimed at every genre from film noir to sci-fi and horror. Included are construction kits, acoustic instrument samples and sound effects.




Sci-fi & Fantasy

Suspense & Horror

Dan Harper

Invisible System
New to the cm sample-providing roster, sonic sculptor Dan Harper of Invisible System debuts with a selection of abstract percussion, processed guitars, deep and deadly bass and shocking synth stylings. If you like your sounds edging towards the wild side, you’ll love these!

Groove Criminals

Groove Criminals
After a stretch in a holiday camp prison, the Groove Criminals have gone all soft and fluffy. This month they’ve provided us with some floaty pads and ethereal FX. Deep down, they’re still totally gangsta, though, so you’ll also find plenty of action sound effects and big percussion hits for those exploding helicopter moments.

Jono Buchanan

Clockwork Studio
More fresh meat! Jono Buchanan of Clockwork Studio’s first batch of cm samples takes the more traditional approach to movie soundtracking. These riffs, licks and loops involve virtually every instrument of the orchestra, including strings, brass, winds, piano and percussion. Perfect for those incidental music moments or as a solid, powerful foundation for a whole track, these superlative sounds will kickstart your inspiration.

The Electronic Garden

The Electronic Garden
There are multisamples aplenty in this selection of glossy synth sounds from The Electronic Garden. Patches are included so you can use them right away in HALion, Kontakt and Reason’s NN-XT sampler. Big strings, pads and drum sounds are all represented in this magnum opus of movie music material.


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