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CM120 - Trance

1528 royalty-free SAMPLES
If you’ve been inspired to create your own trance masterpiece by our cover feature, then we’ve got all the sounds you need on the cm DVD.

This month we’ve enlisted the help of top trance producer Darren Tate for our exploration of this uplifting and deceptively deep form of dance music – see The CM Guide to Trance on p24. With that theme in mind, we’ve also commissioned this huge selection of samples, which you can use to make your own complete euphoric (or otherwise) tracks from scratch. The collection includes complete construction kits, loops, beats, basslines, synths, pads, sound effects, multisampled patches and even a cappella vocal parts. It all awaits you in the Samples folder.

16Bit Trance Samples

D-Liner Trance Samples

D Liner
Representing Eastern Europe, ace Sarajevo-based producer D Liner has supplied us with 400 twisted trance sounds covering a broad sonic spectrum. Included in this selection are a range of acidic synth loops and numerous construction kits designed to get your drum tracks off to a thumpin’ start.

130-138 BPM

140 BPM

142-145 BPM

Construction Kits

24bit Trance Samples


Dance music diva DMO is no stranger to trance, having provided vocals for many a club banger. In her folder on the DVD are four complete a cappella vocal tracks in varying styles and at a range of tempos, ready for deployment in your next production. Chop them up and rearrange them, or drop them straight into your project – however you choose to use them, your tracks will surely love you for it.

Groove Criminals

Groove Criminals
Those unrepentant beat-bandits the Groove Criminals have once again blown any chances of time off for good behaviour with this sordid selection of musical building-blocks. Their submission this month include beats, drum rolls, percussion samples, sound effects, melodic loops and multisamples, all infused with that classic trance flavour.


Dance music engineer Hattrixx certainly knows what it takes to get those hands in the air, and for this month’s exclusive trance collection he’s built us a library of multisampled synth patches designed to generate the most energetic of trance vibes. The set comprises a range of massive warm pads, lead and polysynth patches guaranteed to bring real beauty to your breakdowns. Load them into your plug-in sampler of choice and let ’em rip!


Sequential returns with another grab-bag of sounds that includes everything from basic drum beats to ethereal pianos and bouncing basslines. There are also some delicate lead parts and percussive explosion effects for adding impact to your productions.






Trance Piano

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