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CM121 - Filthy Hippy

24Bit Filthy Hippy Samples

2007 24-bit CM Filthy Hippy Collection SAMPLES
Taking its inspiration from four decades of hippy culture, this month’s massive collection of eclectic loops and multisamples will take you on a psychedelic sound trip so potent that you can expect flashbacks for years to come. If you’re looking for gritty grooves, then this set of royalty-free sounds is sure to ignite your incense. Go to the Samples folder on the cm DVD to hear what our producers have come up with.

Cognition Audioworks

Cognition Audioworks
Hippies love guitars, even electric ones, despite their carbon footprints. With this in mind, Cognition Audiowork’s chief deadhead Andrew Duke has cooked up more than 1000 bass and guitar loops that would make Jerry Garcia proud. Thankfully, though, these riffs don’t go on for days…


The space cadets at Cyclick return from an all-too lengthy absence to provide a range of construction kits that are guaranteed to give your tracks the requisite laid-back vibe. Mellotron riffs, tribal rhythms and funky wah-wah leads are amongst the wares on offer.

Cyclick Samples

Kit 1 110bpm

Kit 2 135bpm

Kit 3 120bpm

Kit 4 90bpm

Kit 5 105bpm


Groove Criminals

Groove Criminals
If their rambling free-form poetry is to be believed, the Groove Criminals only really resort to illicit behaviour in order to free their minds and those of the masses enslaved by global capitalism. Their latest musical attack on corporate culture includes atmospheres, sound FX, power-chord multisamples and organ licks.

24Bit rachMiel Specialist Samples

Providing us with something of a counterpoint to the rest of this month’s material, rachMiel has put together a selection of twisted electronica sounds. If you’re sick of all the peace and love, give these unearthly noises a go.

24Bit Richard James Loops

Richard James
Another bonus selection, these beats and processed loops from Richard James are the perfect accompaniment to rachMiel’s sonic freak-outs, and are particularly suitable for mid-tempo dance styles, ranging from 100-140BPM.

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