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CM123 - Sweet Love

24Bit Sweet Love samples

2014 royalty-free SAMPLES
We’ve commissioned all the loops, hits and construction kits that you need to put together your own slinky, seductive classic…

It’s around this time of year that the cm sample producers’ thoughts turn to love. Despite attempts at speed-dating and online matchmaking, not one of our beloved loopsmiths has managed to cultivate a lasting relationship thus far. This month’s sample collection, then, inspired by the seductive sounds of soul, is a bittersweet testament to the human heart’s resilience in the face of rejection. Enjoy!

Cognition Audioworks

Cognition Audioworks
Andrew Duke, the man behind the Audioworks, can think of only one thing when love is mentioned: slinky, seductive basslines. He’s supplied us with 150 bass guitar licks that will have members of both sexes transfixed with lust.

Use with caution.


Robbie from Cyclick’s first love was a builder, which explains why his contributions to the Sweet Love Collection are in construction kit format. The files include sultry guitar licks, sparkling FM electric piano riffs and slinky percussion loops.

With tempos ranging from a laid-back 80bpm to a turgid 110bpm, there’s plenty here to get your teeth into.

Kit 1 95bpm

Kit 2 110bpm

Kit 3 86bpm

Kit 4 80bpm


Groove Criminals

Groove Criminals
Everything that the Groove Criminals know about love they found out in jail, which explains this particularly assertive set of soulful loops, chords and stabs. Throw in some solid bass multisamples and a superb selection of single drum hits and you’ve got a recipe for love cake – albeit one with a file in the middle.


A hard dance engineer by day, at night Hattrixx’s more sensitive side comes out, as is evidenced by this selection of knee-trembling beats, multisamples and vocals. All the loops are at a steady 85bpm, so if you’re in a hurry you can simply chuck a load into your sequencer for the ultimate in stress-free seduction.

Time & Space Samples

9V Audio

Bollywood Grooves

Bollywood Grooves APPLE LOOPS

Bollywood Grooves REX LOOPS

Digital Redux

#1 - Hip Hop Hotness

#2 - D&B 4 The Headz

#3 - Properly Chilled

#4 - Hacienda House

#5 - ElectroTech

Equipped Music

Sloâmotion - Loops Wav

Sloâmotion - Samples Wav

Smokers Relight Deux

Sample Magic


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