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CM124 - Dub and eJay Rock, Dance & Hip-Hop

3038 royalty-free SAMPLES
Feast your ears on this month’s deliciously dubbed-out cm sample collection and a massive set of rock, trance and hip-hop sounds from eJay

24Bit CM Dub samples

The CM Dub Collection:
1944 24-bit samples
To complement this month’s CM Guide to Dub (see p26) we’ve commissioned our crack team of sample providers with the production of a selection of smoked-out sounds and chilled beats. Everything you need to make blissfully bass-heavy dub is ready and waiting in this month’s exclusive sample library. Just try not to blow your bins…


If these sexy Cyclick samples were any more laid back, they’d be horizontal and probably drooling. Presented in construction kit format, this selection of loops makes it easy to knock out a dub monster in minutes. Also included are multisamples and single hits for programming your own gritty grooves from scratch.

Loopkit 1 133bpm

Loopkit 2 126bpm

Loopkit 3 140bpm

Loopkit 4 130bpm

Multi Instruments

Groove Criminals

Groove Criminals
Despite purporting to be among the most notorious of underground crime-lords, the closest the Groove Criminals have ever come to breathing an illicit substance is accidentally inhaling too deeply before putting the cap back on a permanent marker. Not that you’d know it from this skanking selection of guitar, organ, drum and FX samples.


The proud owner of his very own dreadlocks, Hattrixx has a literal head start when it comes to rolling out booming basslines and rock-steady beats. This month he’s provided us with a host of chords, guitar licks and sound system FX that are so infused with consciousness that merely listening to them on headphones could cause extreme and unexpected brocking out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The instrument samples are provided without effects, and we recommend the addition of feedback delay for that dubbed-out flavour.

eJay Samples

1094 eJay samples
Those canny folks at eJay don’t just make easy-to-use music software – they also know how to knock out mighty fine samples. Here they present a selection of more than 1000 rock, trance and hip-hop samples, primed and ready to make your tracks sparkle. For more information on eJay’s sample libraries, check out the info files in the eJay Samples folder on the DVD, or point your web browser at

Virtual Sounds 1 (300+ Examples)

Virtual Sounds 2 (300+ Examples)

Virtual Sounds 3 (300+ Examples)

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