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CM126 - Techno and Sony Creative

Sony Creative Software

418 Sony Creative samples
We’ve teamed up with Sony Creative Software to bring you over 400 superb ACIDized WAV samples and the free ACID Xpress software, making it easy for you to create a whole array of professional-sounding tracks, no matter what your level of experience. New to computer music? Follow the step-by-step tutorial over the page to see just how easy it can be.

To check out the complete range of Sony Creative Software samples, including Devine Manuscript, StarVu Session Keys, and Dr Fink’s Funk Factory, visit

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The CM Techno Collection

The cm Techno Collection - 2,222 24bit samples
Create your own dancefloor masterpiece with The cm Techno Collection. From the mandatory drum machine-generated beats to twisted atmospheres and effects, our ever-industrious sample suppliers have pulled out all the stops to produce the deepest and darkest of techno sounds, guaranteed to have your speakers pumping till the break of dawn.

Cognition Audioworks

Cognition Audioworks
Despite being Canadian to the core, Cognition Audioworks’ Andrew Duke has channelled the spirit of Detroit to come up with this astounding selection of driving techno sounds. Purists will delight in the funky 808 and 909 loops, while the more experimental producer will find succour in the trippy glitched-out loops and atmospheres.

Atmosphere Hits

Atmosphere Loops

Construction Kits

Melodic Elements



On the deeper side of techno, Cyclick have delivered three construction kits at 120, 125, and 130bpm. Packed with minimal beats, dirty basses and abstract synth effects, they’ll have you churning out quality tracks with ease. And check out the single hit drum samples, with which to make your own bespoke trancey techno beats.

There are so many forms of ‘techno’ that it’s impossible to encapsulate it in one sample collection, so I have zoned in on the mid-tempo styles with loops at 120, 125, 130 and 132bpm. Each tempo folder contains a variety of beats (with alternate versions and hits), basslines, bass multisamples and synth lines.,br>
All the samples have their tempo and key included in the filename. The first capital letter in the filename is used purely to differentiate the sample groups, so TechBass B and TechBeat B are not necessarily made to fit each other, but due to the regularity of the genre it’s highly likely they will. It is only the relationship between the bass and synth lines where this is more the case, though there are matching keys across many of the samples.

Where possible the samples have been cut to form complete loops, but where a line starts after the first beat of the bar and has any kind of delay/reverb/release tail then a bar or two has been added on to the end to allow a little loop editing later.

Many of the samples have been recorded through an analogue stage (the G9 valve preamp into the GSSL and finally to the ISA828 for AD conversion) to give any digitally produced sounds a little more beans! We love beans…even techno loves beans…

Email Cyclick directly by clicking here.

Instruments/Amps/Pedals Used:
Kurzweil K2600r Jen SX1000 monosynth
Roland XP-30 Mutron III+ envelope filter
Switchdoctor Germanium fuzz (AC128) Electro-Harmonix Poly Phase

Outboard Used:
Focusrite ISA828 8 channel preamp Focusrite LiquidMix
Homemade Gyraf G9 dual valve mic preamp Homemade GSSL buss compressor
Trident-MTA Signature 2 dual preamp/eq  





D Liner

D-Liner East European techno titan D-Liner presents 222 pumping techno samples for your production pleasure, including complete loops, analogue sounds, percussion elements and glitchy FX.

Groove Criminals

Groove Criminals
The long arm of the law has never bothered the Groove Criminals, despite their blatant flouting of the 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act with a barrage of post-hip-hop instrumental ghetto sounds, thunderous looping beats and edgy scratching. In their folder this month you’ll find all the drum hits, riffs, beats and multisamples you could ever need to create a stomping techno workout.





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