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CM127 - Balearic Bliss

16Bit CM Classic Samples

1000 Drums

16-Bit cm Classic samples: 1002 drum sounds
That’s right – more than 1000 original single-hit drum samples to keep your sampler and audio tracks rocking. Originally given away with cm73, this mammoth collection includes hi-hats, snares, percussion kicks, ‘junk’ sounds and more. Enjoy!

First listed in CM73: please click here

24Bit Balearic Bliss Samples

The Balearic Bliss Collection: 2033 24-bit samples
It’s summer time and the weather is (hopefully) hot, so what better way to relax than with some chilled-out samples?

This month’s samples recall the laid-back grooves and cool vibes of the 1980-90s Balearic scene. Create chilled-out tracks from scratch with this enormous 2GB library, which includes everything from beats and bass to vocals and melodic loops.


Presented in construction kit format, perfect for those lazy summer afternoons, Cyclick’s contribution features enough Rhodes, marimba, synth, bass, flute and beat samples to create an entire compilation album of relaxing tracks. As well as the mellow moments, though, there’s also plenty of more up-tempo material on offer, including housey beats at 125 and 135bpm.

Kit 01 100bpm

Kit 02 135bpm

Kit 03 125bpm

Kit 04 105bpm

Groove Criminals

Groove Criminals
After spending a nightmarish evening in an Ibizan jail cell in the late 80s, Oli from the Groove Criminals swore he’d never program another funky down-tempo drum track as long as he lived. Thankfully his memory isn’t what it used to be, and this month we managed to trick him into creating this smooth selection of beats, pads, riffs, multi-samples and drum hits.


Although studio fiend Hattrixx hasn’t actually seen natural light since the mid-90s, we sent him a few holiday brochures and told him to let his imagination run riot. The result is this huge collection of multisamples designed to add sparkle to your tracks and give you the kind of warm inner glow that can usually only be achieved through illegal substance abuse.

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