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CM128 - Drum 'n' Bass

24Bit CM DnB Collection 2008

The CM DnB Collection 2008 - 2141 24-bit samples
From monstrous bass noises to broken breaks and beats, this month’s samples have all you need to create massive DnB tracks. For maximum ease of use, use them in conjunction with the CMplay ROMpler – see p36 for details.


These two DnB kits from Cyclick include chunky bass multisamples, dirty drum kits and a plethora of beat loops. The CMplay patches have been tweaked for maximum usability, so massage that mod wheel for best results!

Drum n Bass
This collection is literally Drum and Bass, provided in two tempo kits: 170bpm and 175bpm. Each kit contains beat loops, all the drum hits used, bass lines/loops and multisamples of each bass instrument. These have all been programmed into patches for CMPlay too for easy loading and playback. The CMPlay patches are all tweaked a little for some extra playability, so wiggle the mod wheel and monkey around with the aftertouch to find out what hidden sonic delights lurk within! On the whole it’s filter and pitch modulation, but not always! The basses are all programmed with loop points for seamless sustain, the loops all loop and the drum hits are set to ‘one shot’, except for the breakbeat slices in kit 2 which are set to end with envelope release.

The bass multisamples all have their pitch and loop data stored within the WAV so they can be easily dropped into any sampler. The loops and lines’ filenames contain the relevant tempo and key (last capital letter after the tempo) information, and the multisamples all end with their pitch.

All the samples were processed through the gear listed below, with the ‘fx’ versions and variations (‘B’, ‘C’, etc.) being given some heavy handed bite from the Gyraf G9 and GSSL as well as some sidechained chopping courtesy of the oft-neglected Drawmer DS201.

Email Cyclick directly by clicking here.

Pedals Used:
Mutron III+ envelope filter Electro-Harmonix Poly Phase
Switchdoctor Fuzz (AC128)  

Outboard Used:
Focusrite ISA828 8 channel preamp Focusrite LiquidMix
Homemade Gyraf G9 dual valve mic preamp Homemade GSSL buss compressor
Drawmer DS201 dual gate/ducker  

Kit 01 170pm

Kit 02 175bpm

Groove Criminals

Groove Criminals
The Crims have created a collection of dirty analogue synth patches, loops, single-hit kits and nasty FX, all pre-mapped for your convenience.











An enormous selection of multisamples have been provided by Hattrixx, and they’re all supplied with CMplay patches. Featuring mangled synths and frankly horrific bass, these sounds will bring any track to life.

Note: This section has been reorganised to group the sounds into their cmPlay Libraries




Coolio Remix Competition

Puremagnetik Live Packs

Puremagnetik Live Packs Ableton Live users are in for a treat with these two superb Live packs from Puremagnetik. TeeBee Live is a sampled Roland TB-303, emulating every blip, burble and bubble that emanated from that mythical silver box. The Vacationist is an exclusive pack created by Gregory Schiff, who has recorded for labels including Persona, LoFi and Bedrock. His pack comprises a wealth of lo-fi and glitchy drum kits.

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