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CM60 - Brass Mayhem

Brass Instruments

These samples were made by:
C Y C L I C K     S A M P L E S

This sample collection provides the raw materials for a simple horn section of Trumpet (Bb), Trombone and Tenor Saxophone. For each of these instruments we have recorded a complete multisample in three layers (hard, medium and soft expression). These are found in the 'Standard' folder of each instrument. The Trumpet and Trombone also have a 'Harmo Mute' folder which contains two layers (hard and soft expression) of multisamples played with a harmo-mute in the bell of the instrument, which creates a highly characteristic sound. For the Tenor Sax we have provided, along with the standard three layers, a multisample of 'growled' notes and a few 'clacks' from the pressing of the valve keys on the instrument, which may prove useful for creating a sampled instrument.

The 'Horn Section Chords' folder has four chords (major, minor, seventh and diminished) played in four ways (stabbed, held, swelled and faded) in four keys (C, E, G and A). The horn section was recorded in stereo with a dab of reverb.

Things to note:

The individual multisamples were made by close miking each instrument with a wide diaphragm condenser microphone and no reverb or other effects have been added. As such these samples are 'raw' and leave no aspect of the sound of the instruments diminished. In this raw state they can sound a little harsh, but with some reverb they will soften and become fuller in a mix.
The multisamples for the Tenor Sax and the Trombone follow the white notes of the piano (i.e. C major), but due to the nature of the Bb Trumpet the Bb was preferable over the B, so we have made the multisamples for this instrument in F major.

We hope you find these samples useful.
Many, many thanks to:
T H E     E L E C T R O N I C     G A R D E N

A little explanation of the DS404 patches may be needed here. There are four sets of “chords” patches for the DS404. These are made up of the multisampled brass section wave files. For each type of chord (diminished, minor, major and sevenths), there are fades, held chords, stabs and swells.

We have mapped these in octaves, beginning with the fades (F1 through E2), then the held chords (F2 through E3), then the stabs (F3 through E4) and finally, the swells (F4 through E5).

The sounds are all very natural, and we left them in that state so you could play most realistic performances. All of the solo horns are multi-layered patches, and are likewise unadulterated. This means that all of the inconsistencies of the real live human performers are there to be heard. We have had a lot of fun making these patches, and spent hours playing at being Hollywood composers with those chords. Great fun!

As always, the raw .wav samples contain embedded pitch and loop-point data where applicable, in case you want to roll your own patches.

Scot Solida
The Electronic Garden, April, 2003

Brass Samples

Bb Trumpet

Chords 7ths

Chords dim

Chords major

Chords minor




Groove Criminals

A collection of bits and pieces ripe for inclusion in your songs - the product of a vinyl upbringing.

Various odd noises and textures created from a number of soft synths, badly recorded guitar or just from a mike (fancy that) and thrown through strings of plug-ins.

More rhythm business reaped from live recordings (big up bedroom drummers everywhere) or programmed using Fruityloops 3, LinPlug RM2 and Cubase VST 5.

Favourite hats
To continue from last month, 20 well-used hats from the Groove Criminals' drum bunker.

11 textures created using combinations of soft and hard synths. Nothing fancy but we like them.

Vocal madness
Someone mad enough to lend us a Digitec Talker. Oh dear, oh dear.

That's it for this month. As always you can contact us by mailing us here

P.S. Those of a hip-hop persuasion might like to check Groove Criminals producer Hoodee's new 12" EP 'First Contact', out now on Aerosolik records 5 tracks deep featuring some fine UK emcee talent.

Go to for press and free audio clips.


Criminals synth



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