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CM61 - Electronic MIDI Grooves & Groove Criminals

CM-505 MIDI files

These MIDI files were produced by:
C Y C L I C K     S A M P L E S
email: Cyclick by clicking here

We have created over 140 MIDI drum files for the CM505 VST instrument in a number of basic tempo groups, though they can all be used within a range of tempos without becoming unusable.

70bpm folder - These beats work well within the 70 to 85bpm range.

95bpm folder - These beats were created with a little swing added (around the 20% mark) to help the groove at this most funky of tempos. They work well between 85 and 120bpm.

100bpm folder - This group of beats is split into two swing groups, as we created 25 beats with a 50% swing and the other 25 with 100% swing. These files work well within the 90-110bpm range.

140bpm folder - As with most of the beats included here these were created with a variety of swings and quantize amounts (you may notice that most beats are not rigidly quantized so that they have a degree of 'humanity'). This folder's beats work within the 130-160bpm range comfortably.

170bpm folder - Though these were made for 170bpm they work in any tempo from 120bpm upwards.

170 6-4 folder - These little oddities are in the 6/4 time signature, though they can be used to make 4/4 or 5/4 by chopping off a bar or two and they'll still work. When played over a 4/4 track they can roll around and create some interesting rhythmic variations - never be shy of breaking out of 4/4! These beats work fine with any tempo above 130bpm.

All the MIDI files included here were made as Type 0 standard MIDI files.

Cyclick Samples 2003.






170bpm 6-4

Groove Criminals Samples

The Groove Criminals - CM60 Samples

Another month another batch of samples for you good people.

A new clutch of drum loops of various tempos and styles. As per usual these loops were created using Cubase V5 (no I will not upgrade!-) and LinPlug’s RM111. Enjoy!

Multi-Sampled Synths.
Now I’ll put my hands up and admit that synth programming is not my real forte but here’s 10 of my better efforts all sampled at C1, C2, C3 and C4. These were made using a combination of soft synths shredded through the usual rack of virtual effects.

Multi-Sampled Bass.
These multi-samples were created on various soft synths (including the free and blissfully simple to use E-Phonic Sawbox & Invader synths - and sampled at C1,,C2 and C3.

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