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CM64 - Construction Kits & Vintage Synths

Cyclick Samples

Samples by:
C Y C L I C K     S A M P L E S
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Tempo: 85bpm Keys: C, D, F and A
This loop based kit features some basic components for chilled electronic music. The beats are sampled real drum hits, which we treated/effected more heavily for the 'Beat B' group. The bass, lead and pads are all made from layering a variety of software synths/samplers. Whilst recording each of these layers we fed the signal through our trusty Mutron III+ + filter pedal and mixed it back into the sound to add that little extra 'something'. The 'Abstract Loops' feature some of the other loops from this kit resampled through some rather 'esoteric' effects algorithms (i.e. we tweaked stuff randomly until the original signal was obscured!).

Tempo: 85bpm and 170bpm Keys: C, D, F and A
This kit is purely electronic except for the addition of some guitar (a really beaten-up classical guitar with old/dead strings, but with the addition of some delay and verb it comes up sounding rather nice). Again we raided a number of software synthesis/sampling programs (including the ever-useful SR202) and tweaked ourselves stupid. The drums are made in 85bpm and 170bpm varieties, as they both fit with the bass, guitar and pads very easily. For the abstract loops we ran some of the loops from this kit (pads, guitar and drums) back through some rhythmical effects, making very useful intro/breakdown loops for the rest of the samples.


Kit One

Kit Two

The Electronic Garden

A huge scoop of loops created from vintage synths. The Electronic Gardeners took full advantage of their on-board arpeggiators to create that classic "chugga-chugga" sound that was so prevalent on the 1970s and 80s.

As with all vintage gear, there are some instabilities in tempo and tuning, but they are only minor and add to the charm of these instruments.

The Gardeners chose to leave such inconsistencies in place, believing them to be a crucial part of the vintage sound.

The loops are roughly divided by BPM, and the synths used are:
- - Moog Rogue (plus Cubase SX's Arpache and a MIDI-to CV converter),
- - Roland Alpha Juno
- - Roland JX-8P
- - Roland Jupiter 4
- - Roland VariOS
- - Kawai K5000
- - Korg Prophecy
- - Yamaha CS40M (plus MIDI-to-CV converter)
- - Yamaha Dx100
- - Casio CZ-101

100 BPM

110 BPM

120 BPM

130 BPM

146 BPM

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