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CM63 - Ethnic Instruments

This month we are featuring a massive set of multisampled ethnic instruments of all types from all around the globe. These instruments are unusual, idiosyncratic, and full of character. We have left the raw samples in their originally recorded state, which means many of them will not be in strict tune with conventional instruments.

From a bamboo recorder to marimba, bodhran, Chinese gong, didgeridoo, djembe, dulcimer, dumbek, a suite of maracas, drums, ethnic percussion instruments and stacks more - there are more ethnic samples here than you can shake a rainstick at.

In our DS-404 patches, we have taken advantage of the extensive editing features and adjusted the tunings to fit better with our western musical instruments, though we have tried not to do so much that it destroys the richness and character of the sounds themselves. As ever, pitch data is embedded into the samples, though in the case of these instruments, the pitch chosen is what was "close". Many of the samples are unpitched percussion and bells, so in the case of these, it was not an issue. We have created a handful of DS-404 patches, including a big ethnic percussion kit, as well as our didgeridoo, rainstick and dulcimer patches.

We have also created some "whimsical" multis that might sound right at home in a mystical temple or an oriental Tea Garden. We hope you enjoy these sounds, and that they whet your appetite for further exploration of the unusual instruments to be found in the many cultures that share this globe with us.

The tutorial in CM63, starting on page 22, shows how you can use these samples to add spice to your music.

Scot Solida
The Electronic Garden

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