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CM68 - Rhythmic Vinyl Flavour

The Groove Criminals
Hello again and welcome to another batch of copyright free samples with a distinctly rhythmic feel.

Kicking things off this month we have 158 new programmed drum loops, all with their tempo included. These loops were created using a combination of the LinPlug RM1V, running in Cubase V5 and Fruity Loops. Everything was then run through a host of plug-in effects (or not) and chopped about in Sound Forge V6.

Next up we have a batch of 60 processed drum loops, these were programmed as above and then run headlong through a wall of FX to mash 'em about!.

Moving along and I'm proud to be able to give you 90 loops and fills that are just a taster from a recent studio session with pro drummer Rich 'Doc Spoons' Spooner. A good mate and top player (credits include the BBC, The Gents, Mundo Jazz & Koji Yamada), I managed to coax him (and our engineer all star Andy 'Da Yank') into Purple Studios in Norwich (using a cunning trail of cigars and weak lager) for a few hours of hard grooves and sweat. Doc plays a unique, British, hand built kit by Jalapeno drums (, with Aquarian drum heads which he batters merry hell out of!

The samples included here were taken from a sub-mix DAT comprised of just the overhead and ambient mics to give a rough funky sound which I then cut up into loops and pushed through the Waves RCL software compressor. Enjoy!

And last but not least I thought it might be nice to have some bass to go with all these beats so there's 16 basses for you to play around with (all one octave multi-samples). The basses were created using various synths, layered and filtered before being finished off in Sound Forge.

Until next time.
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