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CM69 - Bass and Drums

Cyclick Samples

These MIDI files and samples were created by:
C Y C L I C K     S A M P L E S
email: Cyclick by clicking here

All MIDI files are Type 0 and are made to the GM standard drum layout. All audio files are 16bit/44.1Khz stereo WAVs. All the bass loops are in four keys - E, A, C and G (all indicated in the file names). Each set of bass loops correspond to the MIDI drum patterns in the same tempo folder (except the 'Tricksy' MIDI patterns in the 110bpm folder, which were made without bass loops to fit, but they probably work with the 110bpm patterns anyway!).

Folder Contents and Notes:
90bpm - A slow funk-style (SloFunk by name...) set of patterns and bass lines. There are 20 drum patterns and 5 fill patterns, with 4 basslines in each of the 4 keys. The bass was a Musicman Stingray (an old one) DI'ed through a wee bit of EQ (TLA Crimson) and compression (ART ProVLA). The drum patterns seem to work in any tempo between 85 and 100bpm.

100bpm - Swingy jazz tinged drum patterns (20 beats and 5 fills called Swinger and SwingerFill) with 4 basslines in each of the four keys (those numbered 01 and 02 are in major keys and those numbered 03 and 04 are in minor keys). Same bass setup as above but with a lot of the top end rolled off. The drum patterns seem to work in any tempo between 85 and 110bpm.

110bpm - The SkipFunk drums patterns (20 beats, 5 fills) go with the 16 basslines (4 in each of the 4 keys). Same bass setup but without the top end rolled off (if you hadn't noticed!). The SkipFunk patterns seem to work in any tempo between 95 and 120bpm. The Tricksy drum patterns just happen to be based at 110bpm and are unrelated to the basslines, though that's not to say they won't work together, and they work fine between 95 and 130bpm.

110bpm 3-4 - This folder is in the 3/4 time signature with a triplet-based rhythm and has 10 drum patterns (TripletThree), 4 drum fills (Triplet3Fill) and 8 bass loops (ThreeBass110 - 2 loops in each of the four keys). The bass setup is of the 'top end roll off' variety. The drum patterns work in the 95 to 125bpm range.

120bpm - Assorted drum patterns (20) and fill patterns (5) which seem to occupy the 'rock/pop' side of rhythm, with 4 bass loops in each of the 4 keys. The bass is the same setup as the 90bpm folder (more or less).

120bpm 3-4 - More 3/4 time signature stuff but without the triplet rhythm. The bass loops provide 4 lines in each of the four keys and the setup has a little top end rolled out. The MIDI patterns seem to work fine in the 100 to 130bpm range.


Audio Basslines

MIDI Drum Breaks

The Electronic Garden

This month, we focus on the rhythm section. We have a host of new drums samples and a heaping helping of bass sounds, both electric and electronic. You will find a batch of DS-404 patches all ready to use, all mapped and edited. The drum kit is mapped to General MIDI note numbers, so you will find that they will work well with any MIDI file that adheres to the GM standard.

Speaking of MIDI files, we have a hundred of the little suckers pre-rolled and ready to import into your favourite MIDI sequencer. These were designed to work with the provided DS-404 bass patches, and many of them have the appropriate DS-404 patch referenced in their names. Of course, you will want to experiment with other sounds and transpositions, too. For some extra spice, try adding tempo-synced delays to some of the sounds while the sequences play. You'll be in ambient heaven!

Scot Solida
The Electronic Garden




MIDI Files

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