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CM70 - Vocal Toolkit

These samples were created by:
C Y C L I C K     S A M P L E S
email: Cyclick by clicking here

For these samples we have hired the lungs and vocal chords of Reg Matheson (male vox), George Borrows (female vox 01) and Liz Gilbert (female vox 02). As vocalists they have been working together regularly as part of the very funky THINK. All the samples were recorded at Sandpit studio (home of Cyclick Samples in Bath, UK) using Groove Tubes GT57s for Reg and Liz and an AKG C3000B for George. Very little compression was used and EQ was also used minutely. No reverb has been added on these samples.

There are 4 folders on the disk:
Demo Tracks
Contains 3 examples of these vocals in use.

Multisamples -
We have recorded each vocalist singing 'oohs' and 'aahs' throughout their range so simple backing vocal patches can be made. These make excellent source material for layering up and effecting to create massive vocal soundscapes, as well as for conventional backing vocals. As they are 'dry' we do recommend adding in some appropriate reverb or delay to get them out-of-your-face.

All of these samples are in DS-404 format in the DS-404 Vocal Patches folder. With thanks to Scot Solida for looping, pitching and building the patches.

The Phrases folder contains the bulk of the content, organised according to their original BPMs:

75bpm Sub-Folder
For these samples we have used a previous Cyclick Samples kit (as we have done with all three tempo folders), as can be heard in the Demo 75bpm track. We wrote five simple lines in four keys (C, D, F and G) which we recorded with just the two female vocals and recorded again with the male vocal added in. Not only do they work nicely as they are, but due to their slow delivery they are ripe for chopping up and re-arranging/effecting, etc.

85bpm Sub-Folder
Again using a Cyclick Samples kit we wrote six simple funky backing vocal parts and recorded them in four different keys (A, C, E, G). This time we used harmonies instead of unison singing. All of these samples feature all three vocalists. Listen to the Demo 85bpm track to hear the original context of these samples.

105bpm Sub-Folder
For this batch we used two different Cyclick Samples kits, though only one features in the Demo 105bpm track and used a 'tag scatting' technique, i.e. we looped up the backing track and each vocalists had to come up with a 'scat' line to fit as soon as the previous vocalists had done theirs (the cause of much hilarity). The result is a good variety of individual phrases that can be used as they are or layered, time stretched/compressed, effected, reversed, etc. The phrases are in the keys of C, D, E, G and A.

We hope you enjoy using these samples as much as we did recording them. You can never beat a good sing.

Vocal Toolkit





02_Vocal Multisamples

Female Vocal 01

Female Vocal 02

Male Vocal

03_DS-404 Vocal Patches

04_Demo Tracks

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