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CM81b - Big Bad Bass

We are proud to preset their Big Bad Bass sample collection, comprising electric (fretted and unfretted) and acoustic basses, a well as electronic and treated samples recorded using a variety of instruments and tracking methods

There's almost 700MB of sounds on the CD, including patches for a variety of samplers - NN-XT, HALion and Kontakt. Some of the patches are quite large, so a healthy amount of RAM will be necessary to run them if you are not using a sampler that streams audio from the hard drive.

In order to ensure that you get the best out of Big Bad bass, you need to make sure that the samples are installed correctly on your computer. The HALion, Kontakt and NN-XT patches, for example, need to be kept in the same position relative to the folders containing their samples to work correctly.

There's a three-step guide to installation in CM81.

DS404 bass

HALion Bass

Kontakt Bass



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