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CM81a - Guitar Loops

A mighty collection of 274 guitar and bass loops
The bass samples were made using two vintage MusicMan Stingrays. The recorded signals (DI'ed straight from the instruments) were treated to a bit of EQ and compression/limiting. The distorted sound in the 120bpmfolder was created with a multiband distortion plugin on top of the EQ and dynamics processing, while the FX sound in the 170bom folder utilised similar distortion as well as a phaser - spacey!. The 100bpm samples were made with a Mutron III envelope filter pedal.

The Guitar folder contains samples tracked directly from a Fender Heartfield axe through a tube compressor and, in some cases, a Morley Wah-Wah, We have treated some of the samples to a bit of gentle amp simulation from native Instruments' Guitar Rig, warming the tone where needed; but most of the loops are as naked as the day they were born.

Big thanks to Ben Duffet for lending his formidable playing skills to this collection.

Bass Loops

Guitar Loops


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