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CM85 - Industrial

16 Bit CM Classics

We have gone back to issues 29, 30 and 31, drawing on the best of their samples and compiling them into a single, comprehensive collection of over 1,100 loops.

Alongside a selection of ambient textures, effects and analogue synths, you'll find a fistful of drum loops, guitar chops and keyboard lines, all edited ready to splice into your tunes.

Ambient patches

Analogue Synths



Beeps and Squeals


Drum loops

Single Hits




16 Bit Guest Drummers

Geoff Dugmore Drum Tracks

Simon Hanson Supaloops

24bit Industrial Const Kits

Samples by:
C Y C L I C K     S A M P L E S
email: Cyclick by clicking here


We have created five separate backing kits for use with the industrial noise samples also on this disk. The kits have the following keys and tempos:

Kit Tempo Keys
Kit01 120 bpm G &C
Kit02 140 bpm B & F#
Kit03 150 bpm D &A
Kit04 174 bpm G & D
Kit05  90 bpm F & C

Each kit folder contains a drums folder with beats (often with an alternative sound for breaks and layering) and hits, instrument folders (bass and keys/synths) with lines and a multisample, and a guitar folder with a range of riffs/lead lines. The multisamples are all two octaves for the bass and 3 octaves for synths. The multisample notes all follow tone-and-a-half intervals for even spaced pitch layering in samplers, i.e. C, D#, F# and A. All beats and bass lines are cut to exact bar lengths for easy looping, whilst many of the guitar and synth lines are cut with whole beat/bar tails left on for decaying reverbs and delays. All the multisamples for arpeggiated instruments are made without arpeggiation, i.e. they are just single notes.

The drums were all made using NI Kontakt and processed through a variety of distortion (a common element to nearly all these samples) and dynamics plugins. The bass and synth sounds were generated in NI FM7, Reason (Maelstrom mainly), RGC Z3ta+ + , and LinPlug Albino 2. These again were tweaked heavily and processed through a whole host of distortion, dynamics, modulation and reverb/delay plugins. The guitars were recorded using a Fender Stratocaster through NI GuitarRig and an excellent Marshall JCM900 plugin, with a variety of other sonically degrading plugins - basically anything that distorted was used.

We hope you find these samples suitably nasty and in-yer-face - if not, then just distort them some more!


Kit01 120bpm

Kit02 140bpm

Kit03 150bpm

Kit04 174bpm

Kit05 90bpm

24bit Industrial Loops n Hits

Welcome to the Industrial Revolution, a huge collection of 800 24-bit sounds produced by RJAD and The Groove Criminals. It comprises six folders of loops at various tempi, as well as a massive choice of effects, guitar bits, single hits and synths, and a set of full-on electronic loops that crunch, grind and scream. Drawing on a roomful of vintage digital and analogue synths, guitars, drums, percussion and power tools, this is a one-stop shop for intense, stressed-out bludgeoners.

All of the electronic sounds were deliberately distressed, primarily by overdriving the gain circuit on the mixing desk and the inserted valve compressor, but also with liberal use of dynamics and distortion processing.
The pickup selectors on the guitars and bass were used to create some clunking effects and interference (when placed on top of the Marshall amp head). The Strat yielded some great buzzing sounds when placed in the cavity under the transformer too.

As ever, all the samples are completely royalty-free, so do with them as you will . . .


24bit Industrial Multisamples

You can only imagine our elation when the theme chosen for this issue turned out to be "Industrial Music". Here at The Electronic Garden, we are great fans of industrial and experimental music. My own band is signed to an independent label called Beta-lactam Ring Records, home to such genre favourites as The Legendary Pink Dots, Nurse With Wound and The Abrasion Ensemble. As a matter of fact, I myself built a pair of Theremins for The Legendary Pink Dots themselves! Yep, we are great fans of such music, going all the way back to the initial volleys by pioneers such as Throbbing Gristle, SPK and Cabaret Voltaire. To our minds, these groups represented a resurgence of creativity in electronic music that had not occurred since the late sixties.

As you can guess, we had great fun putting together these sounds. We have included a huge selection of electronic loops that crunch, grind, scream and squall. We made use of our favourite studio tools, most especially our beloved Kyma system. For those of you who do not know, this somewhat exclusive sound design system was used to generate the sound effects in Hollywood blockbusters such as the Matrix (from which we have shamelessly approximated a particular effect to treat some of the dialogue samples herein). In addition to the loops, we have included hundreds of multisampled digital and analogue sounds with which you can jam over said loops. If you use one of the four supported samplers, you will find that they are even all mapped out for you and saved as presets.

As always, if you intend to make use of the NNXT, Kontakt and HALion patches, you will need to copy the entire folder onto your C drive (you can leave out the DS-404 patches in this case). Otherwise, your sampler will not know where to look for the files.

In any event, the chaos of industrial mayhem awaits you, so get to it! We can't wait to hear what you do with our sounds!

Scot Solida
The Electronic Garden






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