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CM86 - Ambient

16bit Ambient Construction kits

Four top-quality construction kits (296 samples) from the Cyclick sound machine.

Kit 01 (70bpm)
Drum, bass pad and lead synth loops, with their respective multisamples and hits. The source hits are offered with effects and in their original for. The bass and HiSynth were created on a Jen Sx1000 monosynth, whilst the WooPad was created using Nils' FM7.

Kit 02 (60bpm)
The drums come in two flavours (A and B) but are from the same sound sources. The original is included as well as the hits from the effected versions. The bass was created with the z3ta+ + VST synth. The AtmosSyn and PianoPad were created with the K2600.

Kit 03 (80bpm)
Real drum hits are used in this kit, albeit with some pitching and effect tweaks. The bass was created with z3ta+ + . The Vinyl Synth was made using samples of crackle from the runout on a 7" record. When pitched down several octaves, a whining tone becomes audible, which formed the basis of the instrument. The Wimpad was created on the K2600.

Kit 04 (85bpm)
The drums were created using the CM-505 drum synth and given some plug-in reverb, modulation and delay treatment. The bass was made from a heavily effected organ patch. The Fructal pad was programmed in Native Instrument's Absynth 2.0 as was the AbOb AtmoSynth.

The multisamples are given as 4 notes per octave at minor third intervals.

16bit Ambient Loops and Hits

RJAD and Cyclick preset a collection of ambient pads, loops and textures for your royalty-free use. Cyclick's selection spans three folders:

Abstract Ambience - Real-world sounds loaded into a Kurzweil K2600 and processed with 4 different algorithms and FX treatments.
Ambient Pads - Atmospheric pads using standard oscillator waveforms.
Reverb Atmospheres - A collection of long reverb atmospheres, treated on the Kurzweil with 6 different algorithms, layering structures and effects routines.

Accompanying Cyclick is Richard James Audio Design, with 500 ambient sounds divided into 8 groups. First is a selection of ambient "drum" loops and synth expressions recorded at 100bpm, touched with expansive reverb and tempo synced delays. This is joined by a collection of laid-back, effected guitar strums and FX loops, and a huge array of ambient pads, atmospheres and synth effects.

16bit BeginConstruction Kits

Four construction kits aimed at CM beginners, covering a variety of styles and genres (Funk, Blues, Rock and Metal), and ranging from 130bpm down to 80bpm. Each kit contains basic drum and bass sounds programmed at the stated tempo, alongside kit-specific instrumentation (guitars, pianos, or synth effects).

Each kit includes a number of variations on each instrument type relevant to that kit, facilitating the fast creation of variations in your songs. There are also groups of riffs and fills.

For easy access, each sample has been named with its instrument, tempo and the variation number to which it relates, but don't be afraid to mix them up and shuffle them around.

24bit Ambient Multisamples

A spaced-out collection of 216 sounds from The Electronic garden's collection of classic synths, including their modular analogue system, the Kawai K5000W and the Microwave XTk.

As always, the samples come in the most popular sampler formats, including NN-XT, Kontakt and HALion. Copy the complete folder to your hard drive so that your sampler knows where to find the samples.



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