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CM88 - Hip-Hop

16bit CM Classics

We have gone way back to the first two Computer Music Specials to bring you a whopping collection of over 1600 top-notch samples from the archives.

In the Cyclick Classic Drum Kits folder you'll find 10 complete drum kits to suit every rhythmic need, alongside over 1000 loops, instruments and effects, including some truly inspirational desk feedback oddities.

With a rake of multisampled pads, synths and drum kits from The Electronic Garden rounding things off, you should certainly have enough sounds to keep you busy until next month's issue hits the doormat!

Classic Cyclick Construction Kits



Classic Cyclick Drum Kits

Classic Cyclick Loops and Effects

Classic Electronic Garden

24bit HipHop Construction Kits

A huge library of 15 hip-hip inspired construction kits from the studios of Cyclick Samples and The Groove Criminals, comprising a whopping 1077 24-bit samples.

The kits range in tempo from 85 to 110 BPM, and each is contained in its own folder with the tempo indicated, making it easy to incorporate them into your own tunes straight away.

We have also taken the time to split many of the kits down into their constituent parts by providing each and every hit used in them separately, so that you can fully remix the kits to suit your own musical needs.

Criminal Kits










Cyclick Kits







24bit HipHop Loops and Hits

If that lot isn't enough to get you bouncin', there's also a grab-bag of loops, hits, drum kits, breaks and beats stashed in this folder (339 of them).

This month, Cyclick Samples, The Groove Criminals and Richard James have put their 9-millis to one side and gone Bon Jovi in the suburbs with the nearest synth to put together a dope array of tight sounds ripe for your very own beaten sandal.

Rise up, foo'! [OK, that's enough - DVD Ed] [ Er . . . Bon Jovi? - Ed]

Criminal Beats

Criminal Hits

Cyclick Drum Hits


RJAD Loops

24bit HipHop Sampler Patches

This month, we have whipped up over 400 multisamples suitable for hip-hop or any other urban style. To create the sounds, we used our usual compliment of acoustic and electronic goodies, but this time around, we dusted off our old Ensoniq Mirage to give some of them some gritty 8-bit goodness. You'll find a crunchy collection of acoustic and electronic drum sounds, brass and keys, and a huge helping of booming basses, courtesy of Dr. Moog and friends.

As usual, we have already edited, looped and identified the samples. We've even mapped them in four of the most popular sampler formats, including Reason's NN-XT, Kontakt, HALion and our very own DS-404. If you use any of the former three, you'll want to copy the entire folder onto your "C" drive so that the samplers know where to find the files.

Scot Solida
The Electronic Garden



24bit Instrument Bonanza

Turn your plugin sampler into a whole range of synths with this gigantic collection of pro-quality multisampled instruments from The Electronic Garden and The Groove Criminals. We're talking 53 synthesiser multis, created using such prestigious machines as the Nord G2, Yamaha CS40M, Roland SH-101, and TEG's modular system.

Each instrument has been sampled at every third key throughout its octave range and each WAV file is embedded with its root note pitch information and accurate sustain loops. Many of today's software samplers recognise these embedded loops, enabling you to sustain portions of a sound and apply modulation envelopes to it.

If you can't find a synth to satisfy you among this lot, then you simply don't like synths. See CM88, page 122 for instructions on how to turn these sample sets into performance instruments.

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