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CM89 - Lounge & Chill-Out

24bit Lounge Construction Kits

These samples were created by -
C Y C L I C K     S A M P L E S
email: Cyclick by clicking here

For this construction kit collection we have created 5 slow tempo kits to cover a broad base of chilled-out styles, from down-beat melancholy (Kit 05 - this kit is on the CM90 DVD) to jazzy cheese (Kit 04) to dubby electro (Kit 03). Each kit has at least one drum set (beats and loops), bass (lines and multisample) and a selection of synths (leads and pads), keys and guitars, accompanied by multisamples where appropriate. The kits have the following tempos and keys:

Kit Tempo Keys
Kit01   80 bpm A
Kit02   85 bpm B
Kit03   70 bpm B
Kit04   75 bpm E
Kit05   65 bpm D

The file names for the samples contain all the relevant information concerning kit number, tempo, key and sequence number (so that matching lines/beats can be used together, though many lines will match other beats/lines). For example, FilOrgK03 70B-02 is from Kit 03, has a tempo of 70bpm, is in the key of B and was made to match BeatK03B 70-02 and other '02' instrument lines.

Many of the samples have been cut with a few beats of bars extra on the end to allow for reverb and delay decays. All the multisamples have been made with 4 notes per octave at 3 semitone (minor 3rd) intervals for even spacing when key mapping in a sampler.

I'm off to catch up on some sleep after all those late nights 'chilling-out'.......

NB: Kit 05 did not fit onto this disk, and is on the CM90 disk.

Kit01 80bpm

Kit02 85bpm

Kit03 70bpm

Kit04 75bpm

And 3 kits from Andrew Duke covering a range of lounging styles

Kit Tempo Keys
Kit05   68 bpm C
Kit06   74 bpm A
Kit07   78 bpm D

Kit05 Duke 68bpm

Kit06 Duke 74bpm

Kit07 Duke 78bpm

24bit Lounge Loops and hits

Richard James Audio Design and The Groove Criminals bring you a collection of 452 ultra-chilled lops, hits and sounds, ready for your most laid-back musical meanderings. This collection comprises a batch of gently effected electric piano chords and tremolo guitar stabs, a library of gentle backing pads, rolling basslines and docile drum loops, and a grab-bag of sound effects and assorted sonic miscellania.

24bit Lounge Multisamples

This month, we don our leisure suits and fat ties as we head out to the local Holiday Inn. That's right, we are making like lounge lizards, baby! To accompany our swingin' jams, we have concocted a sumptuous set of 756 sounds guaranteed to get your fingers popping. We have a slew of electric pianos, some slinky synths, as well as some electro-acoustic goodies, ideal for your next shindig at the local hotel bar. All of the sounds are multisampled across the keys in your favourite samplers, as usual. In addition to the multis, we have a handful of cheezy beatbox rhythms (a specific request from a regular CM forumite), as well as some snappy percussion hits.

As always, you'll need to copy the entire folder onto your hard drive if you plan on using one of the supported samplers (NN-XT, Kontakt, HALion). DS-404 fans can skip that bit and dig right in.

Scot Solida
The Electronic Garden



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