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CM93 - Drum 'n' Bass

24bit DnB Construction Kits

The first 6 of these 9 DnB construction kits are very loosely connected, effectively comprising individual loop folders in a variety of tempos ranging from 170 to 180bpm. They are grouped together to make it easy for you to find the sound you're looking for.

In creating the samples, 3 sets of basslines and synths were made to go with each set of drums, and everything's grouped together to reflect this. However the lead and synth lines are less adherent top the drum parts so you should be able to transpose them around easily as you see fit.

The final 3 kits, by Andrew Duke, have been crafted solely with a single vibe in mind, and thus slot together perfectly at the stated tempo. Demo tracks are provided in the Duke kits to give an example of direction, but, as ever, don't be afraid to twist them up a little to suit your style.

All the samples are cut to whole bar lengths in their respective tempos. Many of them are chopped a bar or two after the loop ends to allow for reverb and delay tails. Also a fair few of the synth parts and basslines won't start on the first beat of the bar, so don't be alarmed if there's a bit of silence at the beginning - let it roll and it'll make sense.







Duke Kit 1 160bpm

Duke Kit 2 150bpm

Duke Kit 3 170bpm

24bit DnB Loops

Richard James Audio Design and The Groove Criminals have been steppin' their way through a host of independent loops, beats, effected loops, percussion sweeteners and synth loops., as well as a fistful of composite beats at 160 and 180bpm.



Duke FX Loops





The Electronic Garden have built an arsenal of instruments suitable for DnB, jungle, breaks or any other genre that calls for massive, gritty basslines, buzzes and subs. The Gardeners have called on their massive monster analogue system, calling into play its killer frequency divider module, as hand-bult by Scot Solida.

In addition to the Modular, TEG have used their Roland Alpha Juno, Roland V-Synth XT and Metasonix TM-2, all beefed up through a screaming Vox amp.

As always, these multisamples are pre-mapped in several software sampler formats, including NN-XT, Kontakt, HALion and EXS24.



24bit DnB Single Hits

A collection of 217 individual hits taken from all the drum and percussion samples in the CM93 collection, saving you the trouble of chopping and slicing them yourself for use in drum machines or drum kit sampler patches..

Drum Hits

Drum Slices


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