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CM92 - Hand Percussion

16bit CM Classics

We have opened the vaults on CM issues 1-15 and built a compilation of the best of its earliest sonic offerings. The collection includes an expansive range of musical material, from basslines and drum breaks to guitar sounds, pianos, synths and vocals. On top of that, we have thrown in over 1,000 single drum hits, brass multisamples and more.

1000 Drums



Brass Multis

CM Multis

Drum Loops and Hits

Single Hits



House Piano

Loops Kits


Piano 1




24bit Percussion Instruments

Andrew Duke, Cyclick Samples and The Groove Criminals have put their sampling heads together and come up with 29 complete multisampled hand percussion instruments. Ranging from the always useful cowbells, cabasas, maracas and shakers, to more obscure items like a firebell.

Everything in the collection has been struck with anything and everything that came to hand from fingers and toes to sticks and stones.

Each instrument is contained in its own folder for easy identification and numbered to indicate the velocity at which it was struck. This makes it easy for you to identify the various dynamic levels at a glance when building the samples into your own patches. For more information, see the Guru tutorial in CM92, page 120.

24bit Percussion Loops

If you're seeking pre-made grooves instead of multisamples then you have come to the right folder. We have collected over 300 pro-quality percussion loops ready for import into your latest jam. They make use of many of the drums in the Instruments folder, sequenced in a wide variety of styles. The loops are located in folders that list their tempos, although we recommend the use of a beat slicer - such as Guru! - to mix and match the grooves to your liking.

24bit Percussion Multisamples

Three massive percussion multisamples from The Electronic Garden. The Gardeners have been hard at work meticulously recording a ton of hand percussion instruments - including congas, bongos, yak-skin drums, bells, claves, triangles and shakers - and bundling the whole lot into an incredibly expressive sampler patch in several formats.

Alongside the hand drums is a fully multisampled xylophone played with two different mallets and mapped in the same formats. The xylophones have been recorded completely dry with their natural decay tails intact.

All of the instruments were recorded at a range of velocities. You will notice that the raw samples have their names prefixed with numbers - the lower the number, the lower the velocity at which it was recorded.

All three patches are available in DS-404, HALion, Kontakt, NN-XT and SoundFont 2 formats.



BONUS 24bit RJAD Lo-Fi Samples

Overspill from CM91's Retro & Degraded collection, these 100 lo-fi samples from Richard James Audio Design have been put together using radios, a variety of effects pedals, and an array of heavily effected synths.

FX Pedals



Synth with Pedals

ReSynthesised ReFill

The Electronic Garden's synthtastic Reason soundbank as bundled with CM's Reason Focus Guide in 2004. This 120 MB refill turns your Reason rack into an incredible sample-and-synth workstation, and is compatible with Reason 2 and later versions.

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