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CM96 - Textural Pads and Strings

16bit CM Classics

We have journeyed back to CM issues 41 and 42 to bring this hand-picked selection of CM samples from the archives.

There are 3 construction kits, 7 drum kits, phased keyboard loops and a set of vocoder waves from Cyclick; while Sound Effects library contributes a big selection of sounds for drum'n'bass, trip-hop, house and more.

And to top it all, there are 4 special SR-202 kits for use with the CM Studio's ace drum machine.



100 bpm


Bass Multi



Phased Keys



SR202 Kits

24 Bit Pad and String Instruments

This month, we have gone for the "textural" angle.

Each multisample consists of 4 notes per octave (evenly spaced at 3 semitone intervals) and each instrument has a range of between 4 and 6 octaves. Many samples have been embedded with the necessary loop information to maintain sustain loops. Of course, the majority of the sounds are complex stereo waveforms, so in many cases it's impossible to get a perfectly clean loop, but we have made the loop points as glitch-free as they can be. If the sampler you use has a loop crossfade function, us it further to minimise this problem.

ADuke Pads

34 pad instruments, 816 samples, in wav and Kontakt format

Cyclick Pads

16 pads (381 samples) in Assorted, Heavy and Soft categories, in wav, Kontakt, HALion and NN-XT formats




Cyclick Strings

A collection of seven orchestral instruments (119 samples), including a grand piano/string combination, two mellow synthesised strings, an ensemble and more.

In wav, Kontakt, HALion and NN-XT formats

cello Samples

ensemble Samples

grandstring Samples

marcato Samples

mellostring01 Samples

mellostring02 Samples

violinesque Samples

Rjad String Pads

Ten synth-generated string and pad instruments (267 samples) from Richard James Audio Design, including resonant pads, synth strings, bowed strings and more.

In wav and Kontakt formats

Bowed String Samples Folder

Kombo 01 Samples Folder

Kombo 02 Samples Folder

Opiate Samples Folder

Rezo Clash Samples Folder

SH101 String Samples Folder

Slow Pad Samples Folder

Soft Sine Pad Samples Folder

Synth Pad String Samples Folder

Synth String Samples Folder

TEG String Pads



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