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CM97 - the 80s

16bit CM Classics

16bit Loop Kits

We go back in time over 4 years to issues 38 and 39 with this très grande collection (551 samples) of basslines, guitar riffs, drum loops and synth lines.

The basslines use envelope filters for a funky vibe, and the drum breaks are presented as both loops and their constituent hits.
The guitar loops are broken down into folders that specify the effects used during recording.

Finally the synth loops vary in style and tone and have their root keys embedded and listed in the name of each sample.





16bit Sampled Synths

128 multisampled synths, as originally featured in CM75. All patches are in DS-404, HALion, Kontakt and NN-XT formats.

The basic mappings for each sampler are without any filtering or modulation

24 Bit Cyclick Construction Kits

These samples were created by:

email: Cyclick by clicking here

For this issue we have created six construction kits (502 samples) full of wholesome 80s stylings (Bowie, Numan, Michael Jackson, ABC, even Toto!). Each kit has a folder for each instrument used.

The drum folders have looped beats and breaks and the hits used to make them. All the other instruments are just loops/lines. All the bass lines are straight loops, but many of the other instrument samples have a couple of beats or a bar of tail on the end to allow for reverb/delay decays.

The filenames all reference the kit number and the sample type/instrument, followed by tempo and key where applicable. The final number in the filename is the sequence number; these are for matching up the different instruments within a kit. For example: K03Bass120E-02 was made with K03Guitar120E-02 and K03Lead120E-02. This is not to say they won’t work out of sequence.

The tuned instruments in each kit are made in three keys across the octave so that minimal pitching is needed if they are to be used in a key not supplied here. The tempos and keys of the kits are as follows:

Kit Tempo Keys
01 125 bpm A, E, G
02 117 bpm B, D, G
03 120 bpm C, E, G
04 118 bpm A, C, E
05 126 bpm A, C, E
06   93 bpm A, C, E

Kit01 125bpm

Kit02 117bpm

Kit03 120bpm

Kit04 118bpm

Kit05 126bpm

Kit06 93bpm

24bit 80s Instruments

The Electronic Garden's Scot Solida has conjured up a ton of 80s-inspired sounds, mapped out in several soft sampler formats - DS-404, HALion, Kontakt and NN-XT. As usual to use the HALion, Kontakt or NN-XT patches, copy the entire Multisamples folder onto your hard drive.

There have been a few changes in the naming of the TEG samples.

First of all, every sample has a three-digit number preceding its note name. This represents the velocity of the sample. In future collections you might see samples with the same name and note, but designed to be mapped to different velocity zones. This number indicates to which velocity the sample should be mapped. Of course, this is only for those not using one of the supported sampler formats and mapping the samples themselves.

Another change is the inclusion of SFZ-formatted patches. To use these patches, drag each SFZ file into the specific sample folder that bears the same name as the SFZ file itself.







24Bit 80s Loop Library

These 80s loops add up to a huge library (1006 samples) of synth lines, bass riffs and drum loops. We've drawn on synths and drum machines from the era, including Linndrums 1 and 2, the Oberheim DMX, Roland synths and drum machines, and classics from Sequential Circuits, Korg and Casio.

Although not created as construction kits, many of the bass and lead lines go with same-tempo drums and percussion.

The library has been broken down into 4 folders:

170 24-bit basslines and lead loops from the Groove Criminals and Andrew Duke. Each loop spans two bars and has been named to reflect its tempo and , where appropriate, its key.

496 24-bit breaks and beats from Richard James Audio Design and Andrew Duke, ranging in tempo from 90 to 140bpm.

136 loops produced by the Groove Criminals and Richard James, categorised by the drum synth that was used.

204 synth-specific riffs and loops from the Groove Criminals and Richard James. The contents of the Misc Synth Loops folder have been labelled with the names of the synths that created them. The remaining two folders are tempo-specific and range between 100 and 120bpm.

Bass and Lead Loops

Drum and Percussion Loops


Synth Loops

Bonus Refill ReSynthesised

Reason has often been accused of falling somewhat short in the area of synthesis. With but two instruments onboard, users can be frustrated by a perceived limitation. Now, we will not debate such an opinion here, but suffice it to say that we have found a lot to love about Reason’s synths. Subtractor may be getting a bit long in the sawtooth, but it is still fully capable of producing some killer sounds. And Malstrom is, well, Malstrom. Here at The Electronic Garden, we have a lot of fun with both of those instruments, and you can reap the benefits of that joy in this ReFill. We have included 128 custom patches for each of those synthesizers, ranging from sweeping pads to searing leads and everything in between.

In addition, we have put our vast collection of new and vintage synthesizers to use to create a vast collection of samples for use in the NN-XT patches. There are a whopping 128 NN-XT patches as well. To create these samples, we used all sorts of wonderful doodads, including our monster modular analogue synthesizer from You’ll also hear samples from instruments such as the Kawai K5000, Moog Rogue, Roland Alpha Juno 1 and Jupiter 4, Nord G2, Arp Omni II, and more. Most sounds were recorded through a Roland KC-550 amplifier, then miked with a Neumann TLM103 or an Audio Technica 4033. These microphones were spat through one of our high-end pre-amps from Manley Labs and Chandler Limited.

Multisamples aren’t the end of the story. You will also find a collection of 64 REX files for your Dr. Rex player. For these, we pulled out all the stops. We have a special fondness for analogue sequencers, and you’ll hear a bunch of them here. We used the knob-laden Q-119 sequencer modules to drive our big modular, and captured that magic here. We also used the onboard sequencer in our Prophet 600. As if that weren’t enough, we actually went out and hunted down a Roland SH-101, just so you could play along with its sequencer via the magic of the Dr. Rex (okay, okay, we wanted it, too! It is the grey one…no handgrip, but we’ll not complain). Finally, we whipped up some very strange and tasty loops with our beloved Kyma system. You IDM and experimental fans may take a special interest in those!

Owners of the latest version of Reason will be pleased to know that we took advantage of the new Combinator device to concoct 64 multi-layered synth and sampler patches, complete with effects processing. Those who doubt the power of Reason’s synthesizers might want to try the Combinator for themselves. Reason’s instruments come springing to life when stacked up and sweetened with effects. You can hear it for yourself with our ear-catching collection of Combinator presets.

Well, there you have it. A staggering number of new sounds for you to enjoy. As always, the samples are licence-free, so feel free to compose, arrange and make music with ‘em. And drop us a line over at to let us hear what you do with them!

Scot Solida
The Electronic Garden
April, 2005

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