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CM102 - Drums and Bass

16bit CM Classics

Brass Instruments

Listed in CM60 Brass Mayhem: please click here

Cyclick Construction Kits

Described in CM62: please click here

Groove Criminals Samples

Described in CM60: please click here

Scanner Atomica Selection

Described in CM62: please click here

24bit Bass and Drum Collection

Our army of samplesmiths have produced a huge collection of drum and bass loops (1354 samples) in a variety of styles – that’s drum and bass loops, not drum ’n’ bass loops, although that’s not to say there aren’t some drum ’n’ bass loops in there. If you see what we’re trying to say…

What we have here, then, is just over 1300 loops covering many different styles, including chill-out, disco, drum ’n’ bass, funk, glitchcore, groove, hip-hop, IDM, industrial, R&B, rock, techno, house and trip-hop.

Each folder has been named so as to indicate the tempo of its enclosed loops, and each loop is named after its style. Where the tempos of the loops in a folder vary, the folder will be named Misc Tempo, and each loop within the folder will be named to indicate its tempo.

Format: WAV

Chilled Out 85BPM

Chilled Out 95bpm

Disco 110bpm

Disco 130bpm

Disco 140bpm

Drum n Bass 165bpm

Drum n Bass 170bpm

Drum n Bass Misc tempo

Funk 90bpm

Funk 110bpm

Funk 120bpm

Glitchcore 130bpm

Glitchcore 165bpm

Glitchcore Misc Tempo

Groove Style 100bpm

Hip Hop 85BPM

Hip Hop 95bpm

Hip Hop 110bpm

IDM Misc Tempo

Industrial Misc Tempo


Groove Basslines Misc Tempo

Groove DrumLoops Misc Tempo

Misc Bass 90bpm

Misc Bass 120bpm

Misc Bass 125bpm

Misc Bass 130bpm

Misc Bass 140bpm

Misc Drums 110bpm

Misc Drums 120bpm

Misc Drums 130bpm

Misc Drums 140bpm

Misc Drums 150bpm

Pop RnB 110bpm

Pop RnB 130bpm

Rock 90bpm

Rock 120bpm

Rock 165bpm

Techno House Misc Tempo

Techno Misc Tempo

Trips 110bpm

24bit Bass and Drum Instruments

The Electronic Garden have put together a collection of nine 24-bit multisampled instruments, comprising one multisampled drum kit and eight synthesized basses made using TEG’s massive modular synth.

The instruments have been mapped out for a variety of samplers, including DS-404, Kontakt, HALion, NN-XT, and SFZ. TEG have also included mappings for Paax 2 CM and Akai S-5000/Z4 samplers. You’ll need to copy the entire TEG folder onto your hard drive so that your chosen sampler knows where to find the WAV files it needs. If you use Akai or SFZ, you’ll need to copy the presets into the relevant multisample folders.

Format: WAV, AKAI, DS-404, HALion, Kontakt, NNXT, Paax 2 CM, SFZ





24bit Rachmiel Specialist Collection III

200 24-bit Samples
“This month’s sampular repast begins with an appetizer of skewed electronica bass loops followed by a salad of healthy carbonics, derived from a heinous mod of Reaktor’s fabulous Carbon 2. After a palate cleanser of cluster chords (Ligeti lives!), a double entrée of grooves and jungle beats is served. Another palate cleanser of abstract howls gives way to a triple entree of chordal palindromes, sci-fi extracts, and a slew of splinter beats. Dessert: klangs and sbugis, suitable for background atmospherica. All in all, a meal with something to offer every self-respecting electronica gourmet.”

rachMiel -

Bass and Drum MIDI Loops

To accompany the multisamples above, TEG have produced a collection of over 400 MIDI loops in a variety of styles, designed specifically to operate with their nine instruments. Consequently, the velocities and note lengths have been finely tuned to draw the best out of the performance characteristics of the instruments. That’s not to say that they won’t work equally as well with any other instrument you might throw them at, but some minor velocity response tweaking may be required.

Format: MIDI files



Essential Tools For Reason ReFill

An exclusive Reason ReFill from Flandersh Productions. This 10MB pack is stacked with presets for Reason 3’s effects, concentrating primarily on the MClass mastering suite, including task-specific patches for the compressor, EQ and Limiter. This new version of the ReFill now includes further effects presets designed to emulate a variety of amplifiers using the Combinator, and a host of special effects thrown in for good measure.

Format: ReFill

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