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CM62 - Construction Kits & Atomica

Cyclick Construction Kits

These samples were made by -
C Y C L I C K     S A M P L E S
email: Cyclick by clicking here

For this selection of samples we have made a funky construction kit at 105bpm. There's beats, bass, guitar, organ, a lead synth and some FX percussion loops. The keys used are D, E, G and A.

In this folder we have included 10 beat loops and 10 mashed-up versions. There is also a folder of the individual drum hits used to make the beats. The sound was created by loading in numerous drums hits and grouping them into three kits on the sampler and then triggering them simultaneously through different FX treatments.

The 'MutBass' is our trusty Musicman Stingray through a Mutron III envelope filter pedal. We have made basslines and a multisample of this sound.

The guitar was played through an Electro-Harmonix Micro-Synth and Small Stone phaser to get this freaky wee sound. We have just included a set of 5 loops in the 4 keys for this instrument.

A Kurzweil KB3 organ with a load of tweaking made this sound. Again we have included lines and a multisample for your usage.

A mono-synth, portamento sound was used here to create the lines and multisample. A classic case of fiddling with a preset sound until it finds it's 'voice' within the rest of the instruments.

15 groovy little loops here made from reversed, pitched-up and effected drum hits.





Lead Synth

Percussion FX Loops

Scanner Atomica Selection

A series of abstract textures and treated rhythms to offer you a modest new world of sound.

We asked Scanner to tell us about the creation of these samples and he replied;

"All of these sounds were created in the simplest manner possible. Using a combination of poorly archived recordings, software, happy accidents and the occasional deliberate action, I have created the noises here. I used a variety of tools to create these sounds - some of them originated through Reaktor 3 and 4 Ensembles, others through playing a piano that I recorded very badly with a malfunctioning Sony MiniDisc recorder."

"All of them wee then edited, slowed down, reversed. Pitched and altered using Peak. Settling comfortably into my hard drive and rebooting into Mac OS9.2.2, they were then sequentially filtered through Soundmaker 1.0.3 which is now wildly out of date but invaluable in my work. This allowed me to retune every sample. If especially badly behaved, some of the sounds were then punished with Max MSP patches, Pluggo filters or GRM Tools."

"Only the finest behaved samples made it through. I hope you enjoy them and can use and abuse them to your utmost. I'm always curious to hear any results."

Robin Rimbaud

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