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CM104 - Nu Jazz

16bit CM Classics

570 16-bit samples
Some old gold for you here, with 300 construction kit loops and 270 arpeggiator and synth loops ready and waiting to be inserted into your latest project. From bizarre synths to fractured pads and psychedelic beats, there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

Cyclick Samples

First listed in CM64: please click here

The Electronic Garden

First listed in CM64: please click here

24bit Nu-Jazz Samples

Andrew Duke Nu-Jazz Samples

Andrew Duke - 979 24-bit Nu-Jazz samples
The grand old Duke has hooked up with his guitar- and bass-playing buddies Chris Iannetti and Danny Sutherland, who have delivered nearly 900 jazzy licks on said instruments, each labelled with tempo and key information for your sampling convenience. It’s almost like having your very own virtual Joe Pass and Jaco Pastorius!

The guitar riffs were played on a Paul Reed Smith CE 22 electric guitar with D’Addario strings, recorded via an Avalon vacuum tube Vt-737sp preamp/compressor through Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2. The bass parts, including slides, skips and pull-offs were played on an Ibanez ATK 305 electric bass with D’Addario XL 170 strings, recorded direct through the Avalon Vt-737sp.

Feel free to fill up on this veritable guitar and bass buffet, but make sure you leave room for the dessert: 116 vocal samples delivered in style by Andrew’s compatriot Antonia Pigot. These were recorded with an M-Audio Solaris condenser mic and E-MU1616M interface. To preserve dynamics, these vocals aren’t normalised or post-processed in any way, leaving any dynamics processing up to you.

Format: WAV


Cyclick Nu-Jazz Samples

Cyclick - 502 24-bit Nu-Jazz construction kit samples
The jazz juice provided by Cyclick covers all bases; the five provided kits feature swinging drum loops, funky bass, groovy guitar, stratospheric synths, various keys and vibraphone licks – everything you could possibly need to get your kicks. What’s more, as well as all those excellent loops, there are tons of multisamples and drum kits just begging to be loaded into your favourite sampler. The only thing you won’t find here are vocals, which leads us nicely on to … more Mandy.

Format: WAV

Cyclick Samples

Kit01 110bpm

Kit02 95bpm

Kit03 105bpm

Kit04 120bpm

Kit05 134bpm

Groove Criminals Nu-Jazz Samples

Groove Criminals - 370 24-bit Nu-Jazz samples
The Groove Criminals have once again stolen our hearts with a collection of authentic jazz instrumentation. First up are some gorgeous strummed guitars, kicking off with a Gibson ES-335. These chords are available in long and short varieties with a few alternative versions thrown in for good measure.

Next up is a tremoloed Stratocaster, bursting with vintage vibes, followed closely by the Hohner Globetrotter electric piano, which features a similar tremolo/chorus effect. Then there are some brushed drum loops (dubbed Cocktail Kit Loops by the Criminals), ranging in tempo from 100 to 160bpm. For your programming pleasure, individual hits in Battery and SR-202 format are also supplied.

Finally, we have the runs and riffs folder, which is packed with keyboard parts (including organ and electric piano phrases) and their associated MIDI files.

Format: WAV, Battery, SR-202, MIDI


Cocktail Kit Loops

Drum Kits

Runs and Riffs

Mandy Edge Nu-Jazz Samples

Mandy Edge - 249 24-bit Nu-Jazz vocal samples
While you might be forgiven for thinking our Mandy would need to give her voice a rest after last month’s Vocal Toolkit blow-out, she’s back with a scorching selection of jazzy vocals that’ll have you snapping your fingers like a pianist with brittle bone disease. Each sample is delivered with various phrasings and in a variety of keys, so no matter what you’re looking for, you should find something to fit your track.

Format: WAV

Rachmiel Specialist Samples

rachMiel Specialist Collection V 200 24-bit Samples
The man ’Miel does it again with his fifth instalment of truly bizarre outpourings. Lopsided, twisted double bass, dystopian atmospherics, distorted glitch craziness and frankly unnatural rhythms are all ready and waiting to be snapped up and turned into something even more unusual by your own fair hand.

Format: WAV

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