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CM105 - House

16bit CM Classics

Cyclick Seduction

First listed in CM66: please click here

The Garden of Love

First listed in CM90: please click here

Tight Digital Loops

First listed in CM66: please click here

24bit House Samples

Andrew Duke

428 24-bit trumpet samples
The Duke nukes us with more than 400 horny trumpet samples. Played by Matt Myer on a Martin Committee T3460, these 125bpm phrases were recorded with an AKG C3000 mic through an Avalon Vt-737sp channel. Because of the instrumentís dynamic nature, these samples havenít been post-processed Ė you can add your own processing in the mix if itís required.

Andrew Duke


403 24-bit construction kit samples
Cyclick serve up four complete construction kits covering a tempo range of 124-130bpm. These kits feature beats (including processed loops and single hit samples), bass and various other instruments (such as electric pianos, synths and pads). The bass and other instruments are offered as both lines and multisamples.

Cyclick Samples

Kit01 128bpm

Kit02 124bpm

Kit03 125bpm

Kit04 130bpm

Groove Criminals

297 24-bit house samples
This monthís Crims collection comprises a set of loops ranging from 120-130bpm, and this includes a library of almost 70 full-on house rhythms. As well as these, you get an enormous drum kit, a house-tastic SFX library, a clutch of processed rhythmic loops, and a folder of synth and instrument loops that features some particularly sweet pad and electric piano lines.

Groove Criminals






Mandy Edge

304 24-bit vocal samples
Once again, Mandy delivers the goods with over 300 vocal snippets at 124 and 126bpm. These lines were sung in a variety of keys and with varying degrees of intensity, so you should be able to find a suitable sample for your track with ease.

Mandy Edge

Richard James

240 24-bit house loops
The man James covers a variety of bases with this 125-130bpm loop collection Ė it includes banging synths, laidback keys and funky guitars.

Especially pleasing are the ethereal arp lines and chunky guitar riffs, which, along with the gospel-inspired organ parts, will have you involuntarily reaching for the ceiling.

The Electric Garden

203 24-bit loops & multisamples
cm synthmeister Scot Solida gets his groove on with some classic analogue sounds. As well as some retro synthetic rhythm loops, you also get eight custom multisampled instruments that were created by Scot using his collection of last-century analogue kit. There are patches for DS-404, NN-XT, HALion and Kontakt, so you can be up and running in seconds.

The Electronic Garden




212 24-bit house samples
rachMielís fractured take on the house sound takes the genre to strange new places, though among the more abstract moments thereís still plenty of room for old-skool beat and bass loops, lush pads and catchy stabs. If tougher house styles are your bag, check out some of rachís more extreme rhythm loops, where youíll find hard-hitting percussion aplenty.


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