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CM106 - Paax 3 CM Sound Library

16Bit CM Classics

CM Strings

We’ve never been ones to string you along here at cm, but this month we’ve raided the vaults for some classic multisamples sure to bring that authentic orchestral feeling to your tracks. Cellos, violas and violins are all on hand and they’ve been plucked, bowed and stabbed in every manner possible.

First listed in CM67: please click here

24Bit Paax Sound Library

This month’s sample collection has been produced with Paax 3 CM in mind. Each set of samples comes pre-packaged in Paax format, but they’re also on the disc as WAV files, so you can load them straight into any other sampler or your sequencer.

Andrew Duke

737 24-bit Paax multisamples and 336 bonus percussion samples
We don’t know what medication they’ve had Andrew on this month at the home, but whatever it is, it’s manifested its weird influence in the form of some highly unusual scrapes, squelches, wails and squeals. These are all provided in convenient multisample format, so finding that particular pig-being-stuffed-into-a-ventilation-shaft sound shouldn’t be a problem.

Andrew Duke


410 24-bit Paax multisamples
The various patches on offer from Cyclick this month include a selection of bass and lead synths taken from classic hardware, including the Roland S-100 modular monosynth and Jen Synthetone SX1000 monosynth. For the real instrument enthusiast, there’s also a handful of scorching guitar and bass multisamples that were played on a Fender Stratocaster and a Music Man StingRay bass.

Cyclick Samples

Electric Bass



Roland Bass

Roland Lead


Andrew Duke

The Electric Garden

Groove Criminals

521 24-bit Paax Multisamples
Earlier this month, a funk ASBO was issued against the Groove Criminals, but that hasn’t stopped them delivering this grievous collection of synth multisamples, dirty FX, banging drums, and atmospheric instrumentation. Check out the phat-ass synth bass patches for some bottom-heavy action.

Groove Criminals

Mandy Edge

218 24-bit Paax vocal multisamples
Mandy Edge just can’t stop vocalising – but don’t laugh, it’s a real medical condition! Thankfully, that means we’ve got another vocal blowout on our hands this month, in the shape of a bank with eight different vocal multisample patches. Ooohs, aaaahs, and even arghs are on offer, so get prodding.

Mandy Edge


200 24-bit Paax Multisamples
Yet more hardware synth action with a range of Juno-60 and SH-101 bass samples. The Roland theme continues with a selection of modified TR-707 sounds designed to bring a bit of percussive ambience to your tracks.

Raw Samples

The Electric Garden

224 24-bit Paax multisamples and drum hits
Veteran knob-tweaker Scot Solida believes that every time he creates a multisampled synth patch, an angel gets its wings. The skies are starting to get a little crowded, but that hasn’t stopped Scot from nurturing his Electronic Garden. Here, then, are the latest 13 patches from our favourite Stateside digital horticulturist, along with a bonus patch enticingly entitled ‘Assorted Drums’.

The Electronic Garden

Paax 3 CM Patches

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