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CM107 - Future Funk Sound Tools

16Bit CM Classics

This month’s CM Classic samples are headlined by nearly 160 programmed drum loops, chopped up and processed for your production pleasure. Another 60 heavily treated loops are also on hand for those extreme moments, and for the traditionalists out there we have 90 loops and fills played by a real drummer. Yes folks, it’s the inimitable Doc Spoons again – a man who real doctors say may never, ever be able to stop getting wicked. They’re recorded in a rough style using mainly overhead mics, which means they’re also a good fit with this month’s Future Funk selection.

Finally, we have a serving of multisampled synth basses to round things off and accompany these fine, fine beats, so get your sampler warmed up and dive in!

First listed in CM68: please click here

24Bit Future Funk Samples

1936 ROYALTY-FREE Sounds
This month, we’re putting a little funk in your fridge with nearly 2000 copyright-free Future Funk WAV samples. From funky drumming to authentic instrument loops and riffs, there’s a little bit of everything you need to make your own original wah-wah masterpiece, or funk up your existing tracks.

Andrew Duke

651 24-bit Future Funk Guitar and Percussion Loops
For our funk special, the Duke has forked out an enormous 621 guitar loops. Played by Chris Iannetti on a Paul Reed Smith CE22 guitar, they were processed with Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2. Both clean and dirtied-up riffs were recorded in keys A through G, and all the loops are two bars long and clock in at 110bpm. The dirty riffs were recorded to complement the clean ones, though either will work on its own. As a bonus, the Duke has also tossed in 30 Future Funk percussion loops, also two bars long each, running at 110bpm.


.BAH301 2

.BAH301 3

.BAH301 4

.BAH301 5

.BAH301 6

.BAH301 7

Clean Gtr

Dirty Gtr



800 24-bit Future Funk Construction Kit Loops
Cyclick have bestowed upon us an enormous 800 loops, beats, basslines and other sonic treats over a variety of tempos. Each of the eight tempo groups has three sets of basslines and beats, and two sets of percussion loops, guitar riffs and keyboard lines. Each tempo comes with a couple of different construction kits, with alternative lines available for many of the loops on offer.

The kit used includes a Fender Stratocaster guitar, Kurzweil K2600 synth sampler, Jen SX1000 monosynth, Roland S-100 modular monosynth, Dunlop Crybaby, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, and, in an ill-fitting tribute to the late, great Steve Irwin, the Musicman Stingray Bass.









Cyclick Samples

Groove Criminals

485 24-bit Future Funk Instrument and Drum Loops
The Groove Criminals feigned remorse to blag their way out of chokey just in time to deliver this stunning selection of beats, loops and riffs. The beats, played by Doc ‘Drum Till You Puke’ Spoons ( were recorded old-skool style, deploying overhead mics with just a little kick; and no click track was used to keep that authentic funk feel.

The guitar sounds are once again courtesy of a Fender Stratocaster using a selection of pedals, including wah-wahs and envelope followers. The bass was also run through a number of pedals, including an Electro Harmonix Bass Balls, and DI’d into the computer. The various synth, bass and key sounds come courtesy of an array of classic Roland, Yamaha and E-MU keyboards and modules.





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