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CM110 - Dancehall

16Bit CM Classics

162 16-Bit CM Classic Virtual Band Samples
Everyone who’s ever been in a group has wished that their bandmates could be replaced with mindless automatons – and now that dream is reality! This month’s CM Classic samples feature multisamples of piano, organ, acoustic guitars, upright bass and more in DS-404, Kontakt, HALion and NN-XT format.

Note that due to the bulging nature of this month’s disc, the samples are packed into a single Zip file. Copy it to your hard drive, unpack, and enjoy.

CMDisk 2

First listed in CM71: please click here

DS404 Patches

First listed in CM71: please click here

24Bit Dancehall Samples

2179 royalty-free SAMPLES
cm takes you on a trip to the dancehall this month, with banging beats, bass, vocals and synths for creating your own bashment classic

Andrew Duke

416 24-bit dancehall samples
The Duke winds it up with this sensi-ational collection of dancehall vocals and guitar riffs. Professional rudeboy R$ Smooth also raises a toast by providing 312 rapped and sung vocals. As this is dancehall we’re dealing with, a few of the vocals may be a little risqué for some tastes, but there’s a little something here for everybody! The guitar samples come in two tempos (95 and 122bpm) and feature a variety of keys and rhythms, making a useful selection for a variety of genres.




This month, Robbie from Cyclick has locked himself in the studio with nothing but a novelty rasta hat and a large bag of what we can only assume to be some kind of herbal remedy. The results are ten booming dancehall construction kits that are perfect for unleashing your inner rudeboy. Each kit features a folder of individual drum sounds, so even if you’re not feeling the bashment vibes, you can always get busy by programming up your own riddims instead.

Cyclick Samples

Kit A 162bpm

Kit B 122bpm

Kit C 120bpm

Kit D 110bpm

Kit E 130bpm

Kit F 118bpm

Kit G 126bpm

Kit H 140bpm

Kit I 116bpm

Kit J 132bpm

Groove Criminals

500 24-bit dancehall samples The Groove Criminals were going to get time off for good behaviour this month, but unfortunately they’ve been very bad indeed, and the evidence is all on the cm DVD. As well as bangin’ drum kits and bouncy basslines, the unreformed crims have stolen the show with a massive Battery kit and some authentic dubbed-out FX created with that old favourite, the Roland Space Echo tape delay. Dub-licious!







24Bit Richard James Modular Samples

While dancehall fever has infected the rest of the cm sample jockeys this month, it was unable to breach the man James’ hermetically-sealed studio/laboratory. Instead, our Dick has blessed us with 450 off-the-wall sounds and FX conjured up using modular synth technology, digital editing and a fair amount of elbow grease. But be warned: these sounds contain extreme frequencies, so watch those woofers and tweeters!

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