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CM109 - Tough Love

16Bit CM Classics

184 16-Bit CM Classic Vocal Samples
The perfect accompaniment to the Tough Love samples, these classic vocal sounds retrieved via the cm time machine will help your tracks reach new heights. First up are some sexy phrases ranging from 75 to 105bpm. These are accompanied by some handy vocal multisamples, and the whole package is topped off with sampler patches in DS-404 format.

First listed in CM70: please click here

24Bit Tough Love Samples

Andrew Duke

675 24-bit percussion, flute, guitar and vocal sounds
The Duke reveals his tender side this month with some mellifluous, romantic sounds that will have the opposite sex writhing at your feet. Soothing flutes, sultry guitars and saucy spoken-word vocals are all on hand to help you create your most seductive tracks ever. Throw in some bumping beats and an assortment of one-shot hit sounds and youíve got a real treat.

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar Wah

Flute Bossa

Flute Old School





653 24-bit tough love construction kit samples
Cyclick present six exclusive loved-up construction kits for when you need to set the mood in a hurry. Sensuous bass guitars, lilting electric pianos and soaring strings are all on offer along with tons of other sounds, many of which are offered in multisample format for your composing pleasure. If this little lot doesnít get the underwear flying in your direction, you should seriously consider priesthood.

Cyclick Samples

Kit A 82bpm

Kit B 85bpm

Kit C 74bpm

Kit D 90bpm

Kit E 106bpm

Kit F 80bpm

Groove Criminals

402 24-bit Organ, Chime, Wah, Electric Piano, Bass, Drum and Vocal samples
The Groove Criminals have gotten particularly funky this month with some gorgeous instrument chords, snappy percussion sounds (including a full Battery kit), rude beat loops and some frankly obscene spoken word vocals from someone who would prefer to be identified only as Ďthe G-maní. Be warned: if you find raw sexuality in any way offensive, please donít listen.









Rachmiel Specialist Samples

284 24-bit rachmiel specialist samples
If all this lovey-dovey stuff is making you feel a little nauseous, then rachMielís wonderful weirdness will soon have you back on your feet. Our freaky sound creator is back with another selection of trademark specialist sounds. Splintered beats and otherworldly atmospherics mingle with synth soundscapes and twisted vocal weirdness.

So packed is this monthís cm DVD that these awesome sounds are compressed in a single Zip file in the rachMiel folder. Simply copy this file to your hard drive and unpack it to gain access to them.

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