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CM114 - Hattrixx Hard Dance

2007 24-bit hard dance samples
This month we’re taking to the dancefloor with an enormous hard dance toolkit containing everything you need to make your own bangin’ tracks from the ground up. The collection includes beats, bass, vocals, instruments, synths and FX, and was created exclusively for Computer Music by none other than established hardcore engineer Hattrixx (aka Owen Palmer), who has worked with some of the scene’s leading lights, such as Vibes, Slipmatt, Luna-C and Sharkey. The scope of the samples is by no means limited to hardcore, though, as they’re fit for all kinds of dance music. Here’s the man himself to explain:

“The samples are designed with different production techniques in mind – some are more ready-to-go, whereas some are designed to be more flexible. For example, many of the kick drum samples have nice attacks, whereas others have nice bodies – I designed them this way to be mixed and matched. Despite the categories, some samples are particularly flexible and can be used as bass, stabs, leads, pads or FX, depending on how they’re programmed.

“Although the samples are particularly useful for hardcore and hardcore breaks, they’re also useful for house, trance, techno, breaks, drum ’n’ bass… in fact, pretty much any modern style of dance music.” Most samples set to a tempo are 140bpm. For tips on working with breakbeats and loops check out the guide at, where you’ll also find newsletters on creativity and composition.

The sung vocal samples come courtesy of Kelly C, who can be heard on tracks by Audioscape, Cynix and DJ Breaks. Kelly has also set up her own recording studio and writes all her own songs and is looking to branch out into other styles of music. Check out her MySpace profile at for more information.

24Bit Hard Dance Toolkit



Drum Loop

FX Shots


Percussion Hits

Rave Stab

Synth Sounds

Uber Multis


Kelly C

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