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CM115 - Drum 'n' Bass

24Bit D&B Samples

1624 24-Bit DnB sounds
Our samplesmiths asked for a mission, so for their sins we gave them one. To coincide with this month’s Ultimate Guide to Drum ’n’ Bass, we dropped Cyclick, Andrew Duke, rachMiel, Richard James and Hattrixx in the jungle without maps, supplies, or even proper clothing. We gave them a single, simple instruction: make it back to civilisation with as many DnB samples as possible. The resulting bounty included more beats, bass, sound effects and synths than you could shake a petrified snake at.

Note: the Hattrixx sounds are compressed as a RAR file, which can be decompressed using a utility such as WinRAR for Windows or UnRarX for Mac.

Andrew Duke







Cyclick Samples

Drum Hits


Rhodes Piano



Richard James

Logistics & NuTone Samples

Logistics Samples

NuTone Samples

Loopmasters vs PowerFX

Loopmasters vs PowerFX
Two of the biggest sample producers in the business have teamed up this month to bring you more than 900 top-quality samples from their respective libraries. Almost every conceivable form of modern music is catered for, so no matter whether you’re into hip-hop, funky house, trance or jazz, you’ll find something here to make your soft sampler purr with delight. Amongst the goodies on offer you’ll find orchestral riffs, vintage guitar licks, Afro-Latin beats and glitchy synths – if you’re looking for inspiration, this is definitely the place to find it! Check out the prize-packed Loopmasters vs PowerFX competition on p75 for your chance to win over two grand’s worth of top-quality sample pack.



Loopmasters Samples



PowerFX Samples

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