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CM116 - Twisted Metal

1815 24-Bit Metal samples
To accompany this month’s monster metal-fest we bring you a selection of sounds so wanton and wild that Lucifer himself could have forged them! That would have involved a lot of complicated licensing, however, so instead, we’ve left it to our own metallers to bring the noise: Cyclick, Andrew Duke and Groove Criminals.

Said selection of sounds comprises everything you could possibly need to create your own metal masterpiece, including smashing drum loops, wailing guitars and even some throaty vocals from Toby. From thrash to screamo, there’s a little something for the metal maniac in everybody, so grab the DVD and prepare to rock your socks off!

24Bit Metal Samples

Andrew Duke

Computer Music goes heavy with Twisted Metal

I grew up hanging out with friends and listening to the likes of Maiden, Accept, Scorpions, AC/DC, Def Lep, Led Zepp, Sabbath, Queen, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Van Halen, Motley Crue, The Cult, Dream Theatre, Voivod, Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer—so it was plenty fun to put this package together for you, Dear Readers. The result is 1009 samples: 313 bass, 444 drums, and 252 drums; all loops are 2 bars in length with pitch and tempo included in the loop name:

Bass: G @ 95bpm, Dminor @ 100bpm, Eminor and Aminor @ 120bpm, E @ 130bpm, plus some free pitch material @ 80bpm, and a buckletload of bass fx, arpeggios, and tapping.

Guitar: Eminor, Aminor, and Dminor @ 120bpm (with some chunky power chords and riffs, plus some open, palm-muted thrashy material included), heavy dark riffs in Eminor @ 100bpm, bright E riffs @ 130bpm for that glam/LA metal sound, E @ 90bpm for an old school vibe, G @ 95bpm, and 100bpm solo/lead riffs, tricks, and licks in E, A, G, and D.

For some atmosphere, there’s tons of guitar FX (knocks, clicks, hiss, feedback, and more), plus a batch of Ebow-ed audio. (here is a pic of an Ebow in use; Google “Ebow” to find out more about this cool device).

Drums: Acoustic drums @ 58, 80, 120, 130, and 220 bpm. And for those looking to do some industrial metal/cybergrind styles, there’s electronic drums @ 80, 120, 180, and 220bpm. Whew!
Hope you find these samples useful. Happy music-makin’.

Email Andrew directly by clicking here.

drums acoustic

drums electronic


HEAVY METAL – Guitars, guitars, guitars…
This sample collection focuses on the primary instrument of Heavy Metal – the guitar. There’s no clever chords or time signatures, this is just raw 4 beats-in-the-bar Metal chugging and thrashing the way Satan intended (gestures rock horns in the air with both hands…having stopped typing!). The folders are laid out as Guitars A to C. Guitar A is the 1990s Strat (with tremolo arm, or whammy bar, or whatever you like to call it), Guitar B is the Parker Fly (weird modern thing that’s far too easy to play) and Guitar C is my personal fave, the early 70s hardtail Strat. Each guitar has been forced through a combo of amps, pedals and mics (see below) for each sound, though the prevalent setting used has been the rock standard of ‘11’.

Within each Guitar folder there are folders of tempo based rhythm and lead guitar riffs, with each rhythm part doubled up with a different sound setup to create hard panned double tracked rhythm parts for the classic stereo guitar bedrock. These rhythm parts are presented individually and mixed together, and some of the individual parts are left with their hard panning set as there is some room verb on the opposite side which seems worth keeping in. The Guitar folders also contain a few chord sub-folders with names like Chugs, Power Chords and Inverted Power Chords. These contain 8 basic hits over an octave (E to E or D to D depending on the tuning) which can be sampled up for sequencing basic chugging rhythm parts. By way of explanation, by Chugs I mean the right hand muted chord stabs that make up much of the rhythmic parts of Metal riffing. The Power Chords are basic root-5th-octave style triads, and the Inverted Power Chords are the same but inverted, i.e. 5th-root-octave 5th.

I’m off to have my wrist rebuilt after that intense session of Metal riffing. Stay Heavy y’all.

Stuff Used:
+ + Fender Stratocaster (early 70s hardtail)
+ + Fender Stratocaster (1990s with trem arm)
+ + Parker Fly
+ + Marshall JCM900 100watt Hi Gain amp
+ + Framus Ruby Riot guitar combo
+ + Speaker coffin
+ + Groove Tube GT57 FET condenser mic
+ + Shure SM57
+ + Shure SM7B
+ + Electro-Harmonix Small Stone phaser
+ + Snarling Dogs Blue Doo overdrive
+ + Boss HyperMetal
+ + Jen Crybaby Wah-wah (1970s)
+ + DOD Supra-Distortion (modded)
+ + Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
+ + Mutron III+ + envelope filter
+ + MXR Micro-Amp
+ + Trident-MTA Signature dual mic-pre and eq
+ + ART ProVLA dual compressor
+ + Homemade SSL clone buss compressor
+ + Nuendo 2
+ + PSP Vintage Warmer
+ + Waves Renaissance plugins
+ + Voxengo Boogex speaker simulator
+ + SIR impulse response modeller
+ + Various free plugins
+ + Yamaha MSP5As
+ + Yamaha NS10M Studio
+ + Mackie Big Knob
+ + Beyerdynamic DT250
+ + RME HDSP Multiface

Email Robbie Stamp directly by clicking here.

Cyclick Samples

Guitar A

Guitar B

Guitar C

Groove Criminals






CM115 Hattrixx D&B Samples


Goldbaby CM Samples

42 Goldbaby Samples & Reason Refills
The icing on this month’s sample cake is a selection of exclusive REX files and Apple Loops from New Zealand’s Goldbaby. As well as these succulent sounds, he’s also created a special cm version of his XRB ReFill just for all you Reason users.

The XRB CM ReFill features ten Combinator drum machines, ten Redrum patches, 130 samples, 50 REX files, ten RV7000 Patches, ten Scream 4 patches, and five Subtractor patches. If you like what you hear on the DVD then head to Goldbaby’s website to check out more of his massive sounds.

MMS Battery Kits


100 Manchester MIDI School samples
It might be grim up north, but there’s plenty of funk going down above the Watford Gap too. The studio students at the Manchester MIDI School have used their music tech skills to create two Battery kits oozing with northern soul. Covering a range of styles, from sci-fi sounds to big and beefy drums, there’s plenty of ground covered with this lot. Don’t worry if you’re not a Battery user – you can use the source samples in whatever software you like – check it all out in the MMS Battery Kits folder on the DVD.

MMS Battery Kit 1

MMS Battery Kit 2

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